EAA Chapter 585


Chapter 585 – Why Aren’t You Helping Me To Wipe? Part 1

The Emperor’s expression changed drastically and he yelled in fury, “Empress, how can your nephew who has several concubines in his backyard be compatible with her?!”

‘Furthermore, how can her nephew be able to match up with Mu Ru Yue when she had entered Ouyang Yun Jin’s sight?’

The Emperor looked carefully at Ouyang Yun Jin, but when he saw that his expression had darkened, his heart instantly skipped a beat.

“Your Majesty,” The Empress bit her lips and, with a trace of haze in her eyes, explained, “Even though your servant’s nephew has numerous concubines, it is only natural. How can a man not have several concubines? Since there are so many girls willing to follow him, it proves his charm. Moreover, my nephew is youthful, handsome, and talented. It won’t be humiliating for her to be the wife of my nephew.”


The meaning of her words was that the one that should be at the disadvantage was her so-called nephew…

The Empress lifted her gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue. With an elegant smile, she said, “Lady Mu, I don’t know if you are willing to marry my nephew as his wife? The world focuses on status even if your appearance is magnificent. I know that you have a close relationship with Chen Er. But he is a crown prince after all. His wife must have a great family background.”

It was clear that what she meant was that Mu Ru Yue wasn’t eligible to be matched up with the crown prince due to having insufficient background. As for the Ghost King at her side, she had neglected him.

Even though they both had come together, it didn’t mean anything. Furthermore, there was rumours that said that the Ghost King prefered men. How could he develop feelings for a girl then?

More importantly, the Ghost King was just a marquis with a different surname. His status was inferior to the imperial power.

Hence, the Empress was really confident that this girl would definitely not dare to defy her order.

‘She wants to seduce His Majesty and marry the crown prince? She must be a raving lunatic!

The Emperor was so angry that his complexion turned ashen, speechless for a moment.

The Empress thought His Majesty didn’t plan to stop her as he hadn’t responded to what she said. She was elated and instructed, “Someone, pass down my decree to bethroth Mu Ru Yue to Liu Lin of the Liu family.”

Glimmers flickered in Liu Yu’s eyes after hearing what the Empress said.

‘Once that woman enters the Liu family, I will have ways to make her live a life worse than death!’


A crisp sound was heard in the banquet hall.

The Empress’s body shuddered as she held her face where the Emperor had slapped, looking with disbelief at the Emperor.

‘His Majesty has always respected me as his wife even when he dislikes me all these years. Yet, he slapped me for another girl now…’  

She bit her lips and hastily knelt and said with tears in her eyes, “Your Majesty, your servant knows her mistake!”

“Knows your mistake?” The Emperor chuckled coldly and continued, “What mistake did the Empress do then?”


The Empress was startled. To be truthful, she was really clueless as to what she did wrong. The only reason she could think of why His Majesty slapped her was due to not wanting Mu Ru Yue to be married to Liu Lin.

In this case, wouldn’t it mean that he liked that witch?

The Empress’ heart hurt when she thought about this outcome. She clenched her fist so tightly that the tip of her fingers turned white, piercing her nails into her palm. She took in a deep breath and just speechlessly bit her lips. 

“Empress, it seems that you don’t know what you have done wrong!” The Emperor’s gaze turned cold and continued with a strict tone, “Pass down my decrees to shift the crown prince that was under the nurture of the Empress back to being under Imperial Consort Min. Moreover, excise the Phoenix crown from the Empress before sending her to the cold palace1. Lastly, promote Imperial Consort Min to Empress Xiao2 Min.”

The Empress’s body stiffened as she widened her pretty eyes in astonishment. Her body then shuddered violently as tears started to flow down her exquisite face.

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  1. This is a place where concubines are locked up when the Emperor no longer wants to see them.
  2. Xiao here means filial or obedient.

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