EAA Chapter 582


Chapter 582 – Jealous Ye Wu Chen Part 4

“It seems your night went great.” Yi Shao Chen withdrew his gaze from Ye Wu Chen and spoke as he looked at Mu Ru Yue with a gentle smile.

Mu Ru Yue’s face flushed as she glanced speechlessly at Yi Shao Chen.


‘How can I feel great after being tortured the entire night by Ye Wu Chen? His moves almost shattered all of my bones…’


Mu Ru Yue secretly moved her hand to the man’s waist and pinched hard. The man groaned before he just slightly increased the strength of his grip holding her hand, his purple eyes filled with charming smiles.

“My wife, do you want to play torture? But there are outsiders now so it isn’t good. Your husband will remove his clothes and let his wife torture him to her heart’s content after returning to our rooms. How’s that?”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly and replied, “I don’t have that kind of weird fetish!”

“My wife,” Ye Wu Chen looked pitifully at her and continued, “Are you being shy? It is alright. Your husband can prepare the candles and leather lashes for you so my wife can enjoy herself to the fullest.”

Mu Ru Yue blinked her eyes.

An image suddenly appeared in her mind.

Ye Wu Chen was naked and was tied to the bed with leather straps. His purple eyes were glittering with tears and he had a pitiful expression, making people want to ravage him with all their might.

It was too perverted!

Mu Ru Yue had goosebumps and ignored Ye Wu Chen. This man was certainly saying this before Yi Shao Chen on purpose.

But she was just temporarily staying at King Chen Manor. She didn’t have the slightest relationship with this gentle-looking, yet ruthless man…

Yi Shao Chen fanned his hand-held fan toward himself gently, a soft smile on his face. People were simply unable to guess what he was thinking behind that faint smile on his jade-like face…

“Ghost King, “Yi Shao Chen swept a gaze at Ye Wu Chen and continued gently, “Imperial Father has already known of your return so he has prepared a welcome banquet for you tonight.”

Ye Wu Chen frowned slightly and replied indifferently, “Not interested.”

“Wu Chen.” Mu Ru Yue patted Ye Wu Chen’s hand gently before shifting her gaze to Yi Shao Chen and asked, “Is it really just a simple banquet?”

Yi Shao Chen was slightly sluggish before he smirked and said, “It is as expected that I can’t hide things from you. The most important thing is that the Ouyang family knows that the people from the Dongfang family are here so the Ouyang family planned to invite the Dongfang family to the palace. Moreover, the Ouyang family also knew what happened to you all last night in the Imperial City. Hence, Ouyang Yun Jin wants to invite Ghost King and you to attend the banquet.”

This banquet was actually hosted by the Ouyang family even though it was in the name of the Emperor. But the others didn’t know. The only one that knew about this was Yi Shao Chen who now had a connection to the Ouyang family…

“Alright. You can tell Ouyang Yun Jin that we will go.”

Yi Shao Chen smirked. He looked at Mu Ru Yue again before he left and commented, “Lady Mu, you seem to be pregnant from my understanding so it is best that you control your man a little. Haha!”

He laughed out before turning around and left.

Mu Ru Yue’s face turned red instantly as she glared at Ye Wu Chen and said, “If you do this again, you are to go and sleep in the study room.”

“I’m wrong,” Ye Wu Chen looked pitifully at her and said grieving, “I had already suppressed my desires for a year so I couldn’t control myself for a moment. I promise not to let anyone find out next time.”

‘It is just a joke. How can I not let anyone find out?

‘I’m trying to make everyone know that Mu Ru Yue is my girl. I shall see who still has the guts to take a fancy to her!’


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