EAA Chapter 576


Chapter 576 – Death Contract and Sharing Life Part 3

Mu Ru Yue moved with a flash behind a person after she consumed the pills. That person didn’t even see her actions as she decapitated him with her sword.


His head was detached from his body and rolled to the side. Blood stained the entire ground and looked even more eye-catching than roses.

“What great speed!”


Everyone grew tense. Her speed had drastically increased after she consumed the pills, which made them vulnerable to her attack…

“It seems I’ve really underestimated that little girl. It is no wonder she could enter Ouyang Yun Jin’s sight!” The middle aged man narrowed his eyes as his gaze seemed to look toward the sky without a purpose while he smirked.

Yan Jin discovered his motion and frowned. He then shifted his gaze to where the man was looking. With that glance, his heart suddenly stopped beating as he yelled, “Little girl, be careful!”

But it was already too late…

A palm penetrated Mu Ru Yue’s back.


It had even penetrated through her chest, making blood to flow profusely. A rose seemed to have blossomed from her chest…

Yan Jin’s breath also stopped abruptly as he looked dazedly at the girl that had collapsed on the ground. His heart throbbed with pain. Sorrow and anger set his heart ablaze, making his face contort.

The man seemed to feel something under the blue sky. His complexion under the mask was deathly pale. A slightly sweet blood surged forth from his abdomen, making him spit out a mouthful of blood.

His heart suddenly started to hurt tremendously. That kind of pain made him want to die.

“Mu Er… Can it be something happened to Mu Er?”

Ye Wu Chen closed his eyes gradually as though he were trying to feel her presence. Yet, there was nothing. It was as though she had vanished from the world…

He could feel her presence anywhere and anytime after he had bonded with Mu Ru Yue. Yet, he currently couldn’t feel her presence.

There was only one reason for this. It meant… she had died…


Ten thousand arrows seemed to pierce Ye Wu Chen’s heart at that moment. A power that could destroy the Heavens and Earth was released without control from his body. The man’s purple eyes turned bloodshot at that instant. With a crazed expression, he exclaimed, “Mu Er!!”


‘She definitely won’t die. Otherwise, I will force the entire world to die along with her! I will then reincarnate and chase after her. My home will always be by her side…’

“Mu Er, I will be thick skinned and shameless and chase after you for your entire life and for all eternity. You will never be able to leave me behind!”

Yan Jin no longer cared about the middle aged man in the streets as he stumbled while running toward Mu Ru Yue. With a bitter smile, he said, “Little girl, stop fooling around and get up! Didn’t you want to look for Ye Wu Chen? He may already be waiting for you to find him. This matter hasn’t been done yet so you can’t die…”

But Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply to him and instead laid lifeless on the ice-cold ground.

“Little girl,” Yan Jin’s voice started to tremble subconsciously as he continued, “If you die, the child in your belly will similarly be unable to live. There is also Zi Qian Jing… He has waited a thousand years for you. Can you bear to let him continue waiting for you?”

‘She won’t die. Never!’

Yan Jin held Mu Ru Yue tightly in his embrace. His arms trembled as he said, “Little girl, quickly wake up. He is still waiting for you…”

The girl in his embrace was still without any sign of vitality no matter what he said…

Author’s note: This is just the preparation for the upcoming contract that I made her meet with a mishap. Don’t worry~


Mu Ru Yue moved in a flash behind a person after she consumed the pills. That person didn’t even see her movement when she decapitated him with her sword. [Miki: talk about savage~ Do you hate his appearance or what? Does every man you see is ugly to you other than Wu Chen because this aren’t your first time decapitating a man…]


His head was detached from the body and rolled to a side. Blood stained the entire ground that looked even more eye-catching than roses.

“What great speed!”

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