EAA Chapter 564


Chapter 564 -Despicable Dongfang Jun Part 3

“Aren’t you Sky Wolf Xiao Yue? I heard you left the Dongfang family due to some reason. Why are you here now? Xiao Yue, why did you leave?”

Xiao Yue replied with a snigger, “Why did I leave? Shouldn’t you be asking Dongfang Jun that instead?”

Nangong Zi Lan was stunned.

‘Why is Xiao Yue calling elder brother Jun by his name and surname? Hadn’t she always called him Mister Dongfang? Moreover, it seemed that elder brother Jun wanted to contract with Xiao Yue that time. Why did he let her leave then?’


Dongfang Jun’s expression changed when he felt Nangong Zi Lan’s gaze on him. But it quickly changed back to his usual expression as he said, “Zi Lan, Xiao Yue had just left temporarily. She will be back soon.”

He believed she would return to his side once he became the head of the family.  Nangong Zi Lan was also just a tool of an alliance.

Since the Dongfang family wanted to take over Realmless, they must first ally with the Nangong family.

It wouldn’t be necessary to leave Nangong Zi Lan with her life after everything had been settled. Xiao Yue would then become his wife, giving her justification for all this…

“Really?” Nangong Zi Lan’s eyes lit up. She held Xiao Yue’s hand gently and said brimming with smiles, “Elder sister Xiao Yue, you must return. You should come back to the Dongfang family after I marry elder brother Jun.”

Xiao Yue didn’t withdraw her hand this time.

She had a good impression toward Nangong Zi Lan as she was so innocent. But she also sympathized with her more.

‘This little girl is really good, but sadly she met with such a bastard man like Dongfang Jun…’

“Zi Lan, don’t worry. She will definitely return.”

Dongfang Jun didn’t in the slightest notice Xiao Yue’s darkened expression as he said that with a smile.

‘It seems that Zi Lan really likes Xiao Yue. Perhaps she won’t stop me from taking Xiao Yue as my concubine in the near future. If Zi Lan is willing to step down and let Xiao Yue be my wife, I may leave her with her life, allowing me to enjoy both beauties. Otherwise, I can only kill her…’

“Young mistress Nangong,” Xiao Yue glanced at Dongfang Jun before she said seriously, “I usually don’t like meddling with matters that don’t have anything to do with me, but I want to give you some advice. Don’t trust anyone easily, especially men!”

Nangong Zi Lan blinked her innocent large eyes as she looked dubiously at Xiao Yue.

‘What does she mean by that? She wants me to be wary of elder brother Jun? But elder brother Jun loves me so much that he didn’t mind entering the depths of the mountain range filled with vicious beasts just to obtain a white tiger’s cub to relieve my boredom. How could elder brother Jun hurt me when he treats me so well?’

Xiao Yue didn’t say further after seeing that Nangong Zi Lan didn’t listen to her advice. She shook her head and withdrew her gaze before saying to Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, let’s go.”

Xiao Bai nodded but shot a gaze with a trace of killing intent toward Dongfang Jun.

Dongfang Jun’s gaze landed on their tightly intertwined hands. His eyes turned bloodshot and he clenched his teeth so hard that his gums bled.

He was so jealous that he wanted to chop that youth’s hand off.

But he couldn’t do that as Nangong Zi Lan was by his side…

“Elder brother Jun, what’s wrong?” Nangong Zi Lan continued to ask with concern as she shifted her head toward Dongfang Jun, “Why is your complexion so terrible?”

Dongfang Jun withdrew his gaze and shook his head before he replied, “I’m fine. Let’s return to the inn to rest. The Kingdom of Ling Yun is the Ouyang family’s territory after all. If they discover us, it may give rise to unnecessary misunderstandings.”

“Elder brother Jun!” Nangong Zi Lan suddenly called out, making him stop walking.

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