EAA Chapter 558


Chapter 558- Ghost King Ye Wu Chen Part 3 

She didn’t take back her phoenix furnace just yet as she continued to refine a Snow Lily Pill to assist in the recovery of Xiao Yue’s injuries! It was a Mundane Stage Peak rank Pill that she could only try to refine after breaking through to the Mystic realm.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression slowly turned serious. With a slight raise of her hand, a small flame was shot from her palm and toward the bottom of the phoenix furnace.

A faint red glow flickered on Mu Ru Yue’s face as the light of that bright flame burning so energetically shone on her face…  

Xiao Yue blinked her1 eyes and just laid beside Mu Ru Yue. She was like an obedient puppy with bright silver eyes.


It was unknown how much time had passed before the girl beside her said, “Alright. Xiao Yue, consume this Snow Lily Pill.”

Xiao Yue let out a howl before leaping up to swallow that pill.

Her entire body was suddenly encased in a bright light glow.

Following that, her figure slowly elongated. A tall and elegant girl then appeared before Mu Ru Yue the next instant.

The girl had a smile on her face. Her long silver hair flowed down her back, and her hair was as glossy and dazzling as silk. She also had a pair of beautiful silver eyes. It was as though the world’s most dazzling colours had been stored within them.


Xiao Yue half-knelt and had her head slightly lowered. Her voice was as gentle as music chiming through the mountains, making people want to hear it forever. “Sky Wolf Xiao Yue greets her master!”

“Mother.” Xiao Bai moved in a flash before Mu Ru Yue. He then looked at the graceful girl before him, brimming with smiles as he suggested, “Xiao Lang (little wolf) looks really pretty. Can she be Xiao Bai’s wife?”

Xiao Yue’s expression turned black instantly, but she maintained her graceful demeanour while rebuking, “I am not a female dragon so I can’t be your wife. Moreover, I am not Xiao Lang. My name is Xiao Yue.”

Xiao Bai lifted his fine, long eyelashes. With a young and inexperienced expression of a youth, Xiao Bai said, “I am called Xiao Bai so you are naturally called Xiao Lang. Mother, isn’t there a phrase of falling in love at first sight? Can it be I really fell in love with Xiao Lang at first sight? How about making her be my wife?”

“You…” A change finally appeared to Xiao Yue’s graceful face as she glared fumingly at Xiao Bai. She was also really worried that her master would agree.

If she were to become the wife of this little dragon, wouldn’t their offsprings be monsters?

“Xiao Bai, you are free to pursue Xiao Yue to be your wife. I won’t make any decision on  this.” Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but chuckle and shake her head as she continued, “From my understanding, when different species of beasts come together, their offsprings will look like the one that is stronger. If you want to have a dragon offspring, you must dominate Xiao Yue.”

“Master!” Xiao Yue looked grievingly at Mu Ru Yue.

Master no longer wanted them after she got that little dragon…

“Mother, can I take a stroll with Xiao Lang?” Xiao Bai pouted as he continued, “I had never gotten the chance to roam this place after getting here.”

“Alright,” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before she continued, “But you must stay safe.”

Happiness flickered within Xiao Bai’s eyes. He didn’t wait for Xiao Yue’s agreement and just pulled on her hand.

Xiao Yue’s body stiffened as she lowered her gaze to look at the hand that was holding hers. She subconsciously pulled her hand back as a trace of bitterness was expressed in her silver eyes.

She had thought about the man she wholeheartedly loved but was betrayed at the end at that moment. Her heart twitched painfully…

‘I mustn’t let master know about that matter. Otherwise, she will definitely want to kill him with her temper…’

“There’s no need to be so touchy.” Xiao Yue glared at Xiao Bai before she continued, “I will go with you.”

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  1. The author had initially used ‘him’ for Xiao Yue, but in this passage, Xiao Yue became a ‘her’. Thus, Xiao Yue will be a girl from now on.

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  1. What is with the author and the name “Yue” every other girl are named “Yue” one way or the other!!! Why not Xiao Xue for the wolf with silver hair…? Or any other names… sigh…

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          1. Uh huh, her past life as senior Yue… her mum in this life also a Yue… as I remember there’s another who got Yue in her name too…

  2. thankyou for the chapter and it was good while it lasted the dream of the stupid ad following around not doin anymore its a shame that the botersome ad returnes ,please if pocible do somtime about this ad problem.

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