EAA Chapter 557


Chapter 557 – Ghost King Ye Wu Chen Part 2

There weren’t many Mundane Stage Peak rank alchemists in the Central Continent, but there were still about a dozen of them…

Yet,there was currently only a Mundane Stage Peak rank alchemist in Realmless within one of the four large family clans.

“Do you want me to supply you with pills?”

Mu Ru Yue asked casually.


“That’s right,” Ouyang Yun Jin nodded and didn’t in the slightest hide his motive. “I believe that we would be able to surpass the Dongfang family if we have a sufficient supply of pills. It would mean that it won’t be difficult to stand above the four large family clans. The four large family clans will then be in your pocket at that moment.”

This was an extremely alluring circumstance to anyone.

Yet, Mu Ru Yue’s expression was still calm and collected. There wasn’t any sign of surprise or excitement. That expression of hers intensified the good impressions Ouyang Yun Jin had for Mu Ru Yue.

This was a rare case for a youth at an age of approximately twenty. It was hard for them to not be arrogant or rash.

It wasn’t a wonder why the prideful Sky Wolf Xiao Yue would acknowledge Mu Ru Yue as its master.

“Alright,” Mu Ru Yue stayed quiet for a while. She nodded before she said her condition, “I can help you, but your Ouyang family must nominate Yi Shao Chen as the Emperor.”

She had an agreement first with Yi Shao Chen and he was the one that had previously saved her life. Otherwise, who knew what would have happened while she laid there unconscious.

Hence, she was just repaying Yi Shao Chen. She wouldn’t owe him anything after this!

Ouyang Yun Jin smiled faintly and replied, “Yi Shao Chen is really capable. He is at least much more capable than Yi Shao Xuan. Yi Shao Xuan is just a playboy. The Ouyang family initially supported him as he was easier to control; unlike Yi Shao Chen who looked gentle on the surface but was actually full of schemes and would counterattack anytime. But I can promise you that the Ouyang family will no longer be involved with the imperial power battle from now on. Yi Shao Chen has the ability to obtain the throne by himself. Yi Shao Xuan is certainly not his match.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded before she said, “I give you my thanks for that. I will pass you a list of medicinal plants in a moment. I will be able to start refining pills once you get those for me. You should know that I am poor. I don’t have that many gold coins to purchase medicine plants.”


Ouyang Yun Jin’s lip twitched.

She was an alchemist. How could she dare to say that she was poor when a single pill from her would be sold at a sky high price?

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at him. It was as though she had seen through his thoughts as she said, “If I were to auction pills, won’t that attract the attention of the four large family clans? Won’t they desire to kill me when I refuse their recruitment?”

Ouyang Yun Jin had a slightly embarrassed expression. There were indeed several people within the four large family clans that would do that. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was sensitive to the scent of medicinal plants and sniffed a medicinal fragrance from her body, he probably wouldn’t have realized she was an alchemist…

“Lady Mu, we won’t continue to bother you.” Ouyang Yun Jin cupped his fist and continued with smiles, “Although our Ouyang family doesn’t have any alchemists, we do own a medicinal plant business. Therefore, we possess a lot of medicinal plants. I will dispatch my men to bring those medicinal plants to you. What do you think?”

“No comment.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders and replied with a light smile.

Ouyang Yun Jin stared at her deeply for a while, but decided not to say anything. He just turned around and left the room instead. After they left for a while, Yi Shao Chen passed her the medicinal plants that she needed to refine the pill that would boost his male sex drive.

That kind of pill was a Mundane Stage High Rank pill. It wasn’t difficult for Mu Ru Yue’s current standard. She quickly managed to successfully refine a furnace full of those kinds of pills.

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