EAA Chapter 555


Chapter 555 – Ouyang Family’s Help Request Part 6

Mu Ru Yue grew slowly melancholic.

‘I hope nothing has happened to Wu Chen…’

Mu Ru Yue returned to her room while Yi Shao Chen went to gather the medicinal ingredients. She could try to refine an Mundane Stage Peak Rank pill since she had broken through to the Mystic realm.

It was a pity that she lacked both medicinal plants and money at the moment…


Furthermore, Xiao Yue was greatly injured and couldn’t recover his human appearance. Therefore, the priority for her was to treat his injuries…

While she was in deep thoughts, a voice came in from outside the room. “Lady Mu, there are people seeking your audience.”

Mu Ru Yue creased her long, shapely brows slightly. She then replied after a while, “Lead them in and have them wait for me in the study room.”

“Understood, Lady Mu!”


Mu Ru Yue slowly lifted a hand to push open the door to the study room. She was stunned when she saw the two people in the room.

It was those two middle-aged men.

One of them was in a green robe. He had a strict appearance. His eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s. The other man was in a full-bodied black robe. His gaze was as cold as snow wind blades as he looked at Mu Ru Yue who had entered the room.

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly.

She naturally recognized them as the two people of the Ouyang family that stood behind the Emperor that day. She just didn’t know why they sought for her.

“Lady Mu, we hope for your forgiveness for troubling you today.” The green robed man slowly withdrew his gaze and continued with a serious tone, “I am Ouyang Yun Jin and this is Ouyang Jing. We come from the Ouyang family, but I believe you had guessed our identity long ago.”

Mu Ru Yue was unable to act clueless after Ouyang Yun Jin spoke so straightforwardly and revealed his identity.

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly and queried, “Why have you come looking for me? It can’t be that you want Xiao Yue back, right?”

“Lady as expected knows that the beast came from our Ouyang family.” Ouyang Yun Jin finally had a trace of smile on his face as he continued, “That’s right. It indeed came from the Ouyang family. I was the one that let the Emperor test all of you and have you challenge the beast on my behalf. Since it is willing to follow the lady, I won’t forcefully take it back to the Ouyang family. But I come seeking for the lady for another matter!”

“What is it?” Mu Ru Yue’s voice was light, void of feeling.

Ouyang Yun Jin didn’t mind her attitude and just replied with a faint smile, “I am requesting help from you!”

“Help?” My Ru Yue chuckled before she continued, “I’m just an ordinary girl. How am I so capable that the Ouyang family comes looking for my help?”

“Ordinary girl? An ordinary girl will not be able to make Yi Shao Chen willing to cooperate with her. It would also be impossible for an ordinary girl to make Xiao Yue listen to her orders. Is Lady Mu really just an ordinary girl?”

Mu Ru Yue’s pupils contracted slightly.

‘He knows that Yi Shao Chen and I were collaborating with each other!’

“Lady, do you know why the Ouyang family is at the top of the chain in the Kingdom of Ling Yun?” Ouyang Yun Jin seemed to have seen through her suspicions. He then chuckled lightly before continuing, “It is due to fact that every action of the royal family is being watched over by us. Yi Shao Chen is too naive to believe that he can obtain power and overthrow the regime of our Ouyang family. It is out of his capabilities to do so!

“Nevertheless, Lady Mu, I am sincerely requesting for your help. Realmless needs to undergo some changes so that the hidden family clans can stay hidden and not interfere with the world, especially those people that are too ambitious and delusional in wanting to govern the entire Realmless…”

Mu Ru Yue just looked at the two people silently. It was unknown as to what she was thinking.


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