EAA Chapter 552


[Warning: This chapter might be disturbing to some.]

Chapter 552- Ouyang Family’s Help Request Part 3

There wasn’t any point in continuing to stay here…

Mo Xi nodded slightly. If it wasn’t for the fact he didn’t want to leave Mu Ru Yue’s side, he would have left long ago. The gazes of these women behind him were like needles sticking into his back, making him feel really uncomfortable.

The Emperor didn’t stop them as he watched them leave. It was unknown what he was thinking as he just sat and stared. He stood up after a long time had passed and brandished his sleeve while instructing, “We are exhausted. Everyone, please do as you wish.”


The Empress naturally wouldn’t continue to stay after the Emperor left. She glanced at the pale Liu Yu before hastily following behind him…

Yi Shao Chen’s gaze darkened as he threw a glance at Liu Yu’s pitiful and delicate appearance. With a slight frown, he said, “Make a trip to King Chen Manor.”

Liu Yu was stunned as she looked dazedly at Yi Shao Chen’s jade-like handsome face. She thought her ears had stopped working for a moment.

‘Elder brother Shao Chen is inviting me?’

Happiness surged in her heart at that moment. She was so stirred up as she thought that her years of infatuation toward him had paid off.


Smoke incense filled the main room of King Chen Manor.

Liu Yu entered the room nervously. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the man sitting on the bed, and her delicate face flushed red as she lowered her head bashfully.

“Elder brother Shao Chen, you invited me over for…”


Liu Yu’s clothes were ripped apart before she could finish saying her piece. Her snow-white delicate body was exposed. She was in shock from Yi Shao Chen’s action.


Liu Yu exclaimed.

‘How can Yi Shao Chen be so direct without even giving me time to prepare myself…’

Yi Shao Chen smiled coldly as he used his large hands to pinch Liu Yu’s body mercilessly. The pain made tears almost flow out of her eyes.

“Elder… Elder brother Shao Chen, can you be more gentle?”

Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she raised her head to look at the man before her.

Her heart almost stopped from fright…

Elder Brother Shao Chen had always been gentle like jade, cultured, and elegant in her eyes. How could he have such terrifying gaze?

It was like there was a tempest in his eyes. It was so gloomy that it made her shiver in fear.

‘The current elder brother Shao Chen is so terrifying…’

“Liu Yu, didn’t you always want to be my woman? Ben Wang will grant you that wish then so as to stop you, this bimbo, from continuing to provoke matters! You want to destroy her? A woman like her can easily kill you like squashing an ant. Yet, you constantly seek trouble with her!”

Liu Yu’s fragile body shuddered. She bit her lips as she looked with teary eyes at Yi Shao Chen.

‘Elder brother Shao Chen is treating me like this for that girl? Can it be that he has really fallen for her?’

Liu Yu’s heart hurt when she got to know that.

Of course, she was clueless as to the matter that Yi Shao Chen was protecting Mu Ru Yue because they were cooperative partners. Since they were working together, he certainly wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her!

Liu Yu was completely naked after a short time. Her body was also filled with bruises from Yi Shao Chen’s touch, and her tear-stained face looked incredibly pitiful.

On the other hand, Yi Shao Chen was truly cold-hearted beneath his gentle outer appearance. He never sympathized with anyone nor would he be soft-handed!

Furthermore, Yi Shao Chen hadn’t even removed his own clothes. He was fully clothed and filled with elegance. He then extended his finger without any warning…  


Liu Yu cried out from the indescribable pain she felt at that instant. She wouldn’t be able to imagine that her beloved elder brother Shao Chen would humiliate her this much, not even bothering to give face to her aunt…

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