EAA Chapter 55


Chapter 55- Hidden Growth In Feelings Part 6

“Let’s go!”

Mu Qing turned around and headed towards the entrance of the manor. As a result, he hadn’t noticed the vicious light that flashed past the young girl’s eyes.

That slut Mu Ru Yue had made elder sister Ting Er fall into such a terrible state. What right did she have to return to the Mu family? She definitely wouldn’t allow that malevolent hearted slut to reenter the family.



Mu Yi Xue just needed to recall that handsome young, innocent man, and the hatred in her heart towards Mu Ru Yue intensified.

At the Mu Residence, Mu Ru Yue held her head in her hands as she sat lazily in the Imperial Consort’s chair. The sun in the sky made her unable to open her eyes, so she could only squint when she looked at the blue sky.

“My wife! My wife!”

Suddenly, an innocent voice was heard at the front of her house.

When she shifted her gaze in the direction of the voice, she instantly saw Ye Wu Chen elatedly running towards her. His handsome face had a pure and unaffected smile, his clear eyes filled with happiness.

“My wife, take a look at what I’ve brought you today!”

Wu Chen opened his hand, and a necklace made of green jade pearls appeared in his palm. He handed over the necklace to Mu Ru Yue. “My wife, I thought these pearls looked really nice, so I strung them up into a necklace to give to you. Do you like it?”

Mu Ru Yue was touched by Ye Wu Chen’s thoughts and took the necklace, abruptly shifting her gaze down to look at those jade-green pearls.

These pearls were different from other pearls. These sparkling and translucent green jade pearls emitted an aura of vitality.

“Gem Tree Fruit? Are these Gem Tree Fruits?”

Their outer appearances were the same as pearls, but they were really fruits from the Gem Tree.

Mu Ru Yue took a Gem Tree Fruit from the necklace before asking excitedly, “Wu Chen, where did you find this Gem Tree Fruit?”

Ye Wu Chen blinked his large eyes as he looked curiously at Mu Ru Yue, asking, “What’s a Gem Tree Fruit?”

“A Gem Tree Fruit is a fruit that contains a lot of energy in it. It’s different from medicinal plants. Usually, martial practitioners won’t casually consume pills to help them break through, as it will always have slight side effects that could affect their future cultivation. But the Gem Tree Fruit is different. Once you consume it, the martial practitioner can directly break through to the next stage.”

If this wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have been this stirred up.

After speaking all that, Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help chuckling and shaking her head. No matter how much she explained, Ye Wu Chen would probably be unable to understand her.

As expected, Ye Wu Chen blinked his eyes in confusion after hearing her words before saying, “I don’t know anything about Gem Tree Fruits. I found these pearls before and planned to give them to my future wife. Since you’re my wife, this necklace is yours.”

In the dark, the black clothed man following Ye Wu Chen nearly fell to the ground after hearing his words.

‘My master, you had bitterly searched for the Gem Tree Fruits to give to your future mistress, but you used such an indirect reasoning. What did you mean it was to give to your future wife? It seems that before knowing the mistress before you, you never had the thought of marriage.

Moreover, mistress doesn’t seem to accept master. When has it become natural for master to call her his wife? In any case, Ghost King Manor will perhaps be more lively….’

At this moment, a figure could be seen running in from the entrance of the house. When Li Lu saw Mu Ru Yue, he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief before saying with grief, “Mistress, didn’t you want me to serve you loyally? You disappeared after the competition and made me search for you for such a long time. If If it wasn’t for the fact that someone had found your whereabouts, I wouldn’t have been able to find you so quickly.”

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  1. Miki thanks for the teaser!!! Hahaha, I wonder when WY will announce that he is MRY’s master (remember he said that if she won the tournament, he will announce that he is her master)… Hahaha but can’t wait until MYX’s face becomes distorted when seeing GK and MRY… And MQ good luck in your wishful thinking

  2. Does the Ghost King have some sort of 6th sense that helps him go to assist Mu Ru Yue when she will or needs his or someone’s assistance. Is this the sensing power of love? I think so wa ha ha aha ha. You make my day every day Miki, I respect you. Xoxo thank you for the teaser my day 50 times better.

  3. I really hope that the Ghostking really destroys the little sisters dreams and hopes xD”I love you my Prince!” -> “Why is that fugly so annoying?!”
    Thank you Miki <3 and good luck with your exams :3

  4. Hahaha, the GK and the loyal servant have met.. I also feel the same with the spy hiding in the shadows, what is happening to GK-sama!!! MU family please die quickly, you’re embarrassing yourselves!!!

    Miki thanks for the chapter!!!

  5. “If it wasn’t for the fact that someone had found traces of you, I wouldn’t have been able to find you so quickly.” I wouldn’t have said it this way, I would have used “If it wasn’t for the fact that someone had found your whereabouts”

    Awesome chapter, thanks!

  6. Chapter 56 (Teaser)- Hidden Growth In Feelings Part 7

    When Li Lu returned home after the end of the competition, his father viciously beat him up. Li Lu, however, persistently said that a man shouldn’t go back on his promises, that whatever he had promised, he must be committed to it. It had nearly made his old man use a sword to chop his legs off in fury.

    In the end, the general’s wife held her husband back after learning about this and said that if he wanted to hit her son again, he had to kill her first. How could the henpecked general still have the guts to chop Li Lu’s legs off? He could only let him do what he wanted.

    However, who knew that Mu Ru Yue would go missing after the competition? Li Lu had frequently used his connections to search for her. If it wasn’t for Mu Ru Yue going out of her residence, Li Lu’s connections wouldn’t have been able to find her.

    “I almost forgot about something.” Mu Ru Yue stood up from the Imperial Consort’s chair and rolled her shoulders. “ Li Lu, help me recruit some experts.”

    “Oh?” Li Lu blinked before asking, “What do you want experts for?”

    Mu Ru Yue swept his gaze at him. “It’s definitely so that I could have my own forces. There’s surely a limit to what I can do by myself. If I want to survive, I must have a powerful party on my side.”

    1. You mean the one in chapter 56 page? Yes it’s available only for a short while, afterwards Miki use’s his time powers to completely-accidentally locked it while trying to completely-non-accidentally post the next chapter. So that everyone can still see the teaser, Miki posts it in the comments of the previous chapter too.

  7. Don’t tell me Li Lu is going to fall on love with MRY because she already has a soul mate and I would just end up feeling bad the poor fellow

    And thanks for the teaser asks chapter!?

  8. honestly if he shows his true self, I hope he doesn’t change much in personality. I’m talking like some super domineering guy (unless it’s towards his enemies). I don’t really like those types

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