EAA Chapter 549


Chapter 549 – Banquet Commotion Part 4


A heart-wrenching shriek came forth from the cage.

Everyone shuddered in fear as apprehension appeared in their eyes…

Sky Wolf Xiao Yue had mercilessly bitten and ripped off Mo Lin’s arm within the cage. A trace of ruthlessness and a thirst for blood could be seen in its originally elegant silver eyes.


But it didn’t go for the kill. It stopped its attack after biting off an arm and just elegantly licked its paw instead.

Even so, the crowd didn’t dare to make a move after seeing such a gruesome sight.

The holiness and beauty of this wolf shouldn’t be used to judge its character. It wouldn’t hesitate to bite people as it didn’t in the slightest lose its ruthlessness as a wolf…

How could they subdue the wolf if Mo Lin failed to?

Glimmers danced in Liu Yu’s eyes. She glanced malevolently at Mu Ru Yue and sniggered as she asked, “Lady Mu, I don’t know why elder brother Shao Chen thinks so highly of you. You must be really capable. How about letting us see you subdue that Sky Wolf?”

Even though that woman hadn’t become elder brother Shao Chen’s concubine, if it wasn’t for her, how could Aunt Empress suggest for elder brother Shao Chen to take in concubines and let them enjoy his love?

All in all, it was all her fault!

That woman must die!

Yi Shao Chen’s jade-like handsome face turned grim as he looked sinisterly at Liu Yu. Yet, he suddenly smirked and sniggered.

That foolish girl shouldn’t know that Mu Ru Yue was a martial practitioner and that the Sky Wolf would definitely be unable to harm her…

“You aren’t allowed to harm Little Yue!”

Mo Xi glared furiously at Liu Yu as he pulled firmly on Mu Ru Yue’s hand. He was really afraid that she would fight that wolf.

Mu Ru Yue patted Mo Xi’s hand as she shifted her gaze to the Sky Wolf. It was unknown to her why that Sky Wolf gave her a nostalgic feeling…

That feeling was identical to when she first saw Bai Ze.

“Little Yue, can you not go in there?” Mo Xi lifted his gaze and, with his eyelashes trembling, bit his lips before continuing, “Even though I don’t like killing, if something were to happen to Little Yue, I will be alone again… Hence, I want to substitute Little Yue to battle.”

“Don’t fret. Nothing will happen.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. She then withdrew her hand from Mo Xi’s grip before lifting her gaze toward the silver wolf in the metal cage and walked toward it.

The nostalgic feeling intensified with each step as she walked closer…

“That idiot really went!” Liu Chu laughed coldly with a mocking sneer on her face.

It was as though she could already foresee the Sky Wolf lifting its razor sharp claws to tear the approaching girl into pieces. This kind of satisfying feeling made her want to burst out into laughter.

Yet, it would be inappropriate for her to do so now so she had to suppress her elation…

The cage was opened slowly. Mu Ru Yue then frowned as she tossed Mo Lin out of the cage before focusing on the elegant and holy Sky Wolf before her.

The lifespan of a demon beast was boundless compared to the short life of the human race. It could said that the Sky Wolf would have a slow and arduous life as it awaited its death, especially with the difference in time flow between Realmless and the continent.

Its gaze shifted slightly to look at the girl that it had always revered, but it was at a lost on how to start the conversation…

Currently, the crowd’s gaze landed on the human and beast who were looking at each other. But none of them believed that this feeble looking girl would be able to subdue the Sky Wolf…

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