EAA Chapter 546


Chapter 546- Banquet Commotion Part 1

He was helping her as part of a mutual exchange of benefits. If this woman were lying to him, he definitely wouldn’t let her off scot free!


Buildings and pavilions filled the grandiose Royal Palace. While it was sizzling hot outside the palace, it was as cool as spring within.

Beautiful flowers blossomed inside the palace garden, but they were still inferior to the surrounding beautiful girls with their thick makeup.


Liu Yu was obviously the most prominent one within the crowd. Probably to outshine all of the other girls, she had spend a vast amount of time dressing up. Her beautiful red dress was as though numerous roses were blossoming, and her exquisite earrings chimed melodiously with her giggles. Her splendid and pretty makeup enhanced her appearance.

The men in the surroundings were instantly unable to shift their gazes away from her outstanding appearance.

Liu Yu suddenly became quiet when her malicious eyes glared at a particular direction.

The crowd followed her gaze and a fluttering white robe entered the sights of everyone.

If it were by grandeur, then there wasn’t anyone here who was superior to that white robed girl. She was like a crane among a flock of chickens within this clamorous crowd, a lotus that was lost and independent…

It was a pity that a small scar on the girl’s fair face stretched from the corner of her eyes to the bridge of her nose, ruining her beauty.

This was like a fine porcelain with a small defect. How could it not be pitiable?

The crowd sighed as she would definitely be outshone by Liu Yu in this banquet…

“Elder brother Shao Chen!”

The maliciousness in Liu Yu’s eyes faded as she smiled and walked forward to greet Yi Shao Chen. She smiled lovably and said, “Elder brother Shao Chen, you are finally here.”

Yi Shao Chen frowned when he saw her smile. A trace of annoyance was expressed in his eyes, and it was obvious that he didn’t have any good feelings for her…

“Oh god! Who is that youth? He looks really handsome!”

An astonished exclaim was suddenly heard at that moment. Following that, the crowd’s gaze landed on a delicate figure…

Yi Shao Chen was really the most handsome man in the Kingdom of Ling Yun, if one excluded the mysterious Ghost King. Numerous young girls had already taken a fancy on him.

Yet, his appearance was far inferior to the thin, handsome youth…

Mo Xi got a fright and hid behind Mu Ru Yue. His fine eyelashes trembled slightly as he bit his lips and looked timidly at the girls.

‘Grandfather is right. People outside the family are too scary. If it wasn’t for grandfather finding me too timid, he probably wouldn’t have tossed me out of the family as training…’

“Little Yue, I want to go home.” Mo Xi gripped tightly onto Mu Ru Yue’s sleeve. With fear in his eyes, he continued, “I don’t like these gazes being shot toward me by those people. Other… Otherwise, I won’t be able to control myself from killing them!”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned, but then patted Mo Xi’s hand as though to console him. With a smirk, she replied, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

What she said had mysteriously calmed Mo Xi down. This kind of feeling was as though his grandfather, who had always been protecting him, were by his side.

If Mu Ru Yue knew that Mo Xi had thought of her as his grandfather, she would probably just walk off and ignore him.

Astonishment flashed past Liu Yu’s eyes. Yet, the one she was deeply in love with was elder brother Shao Chen. Hence, she wouldn’t be captivated by other men no matter how outstanding they were.

He was helping her on a mutual benefit basis. If that woman was lying to him, he definitely wouldn’t let her off scot free!


Buildings and pavilions filled the grandiose Royal palace. It certainly was sizzling hot outside the palace, but it was cold like spring within it.

Beautiful flowers blossomed in the palace garden, but they were still inferior to the beautiful girls with thick makeup. [Miki: I wonder how they will look like without makeup haha~ The poor flowers will probably look better 😉 ]

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