EAA Chapter 542


Chapter 542- Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 6

Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened as she shouted, “Scram!”

Hehe! It seems the little beauty has a bad temper. But that doesn’t matter as this elder brother loves that kind of little spice.” The man licked the corner of his lower lip as he extended a hand toward the girl’s face.


A crisp sound echoed in the quiet streets.


Nobody saw when Mu Ru Yue had made her move, but the wrist of the man broke from her blow.

“Stinky wench, if you don’t want it the easy way, then we’ll do it the hard way!” The man’s eyes turned bloodshot as he yelled in fury, “Since being gentle isn’t working, this elder brother will rape you in the streets so that everyone will see your helpless and miserable appearance. Hahaha!

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze became increasingly cold.

She never wanted to offend anyone, but then there would always be such a person coming to seek death by knocking on her door. Since that was the case, there wasn’t a need for her to be courteous.

Just as she wanted to make her move, a slightly angered voice suddenly rang behind the man, “You… what kind of man are you to bully a girl?”

Upon hearing that, Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as her gaze landed on a youth behind the man.

The youth’s complexion was really fair. It was so fair that it was almost transparent. His adorable, childish face was slightly red from anger, and his delicate lips were slightly pursed. His clear as water eyes glared furiously at the man, but there was still a trace of timidness in his eyes.

Ho! I didn’t expect to see such a handsome youth.” The man laughed as he continued, “This elder brother is a bisexual.  Since you want to meddle in this matter, you can just service this elder brother with the girl.”


The youth’s face flushed red from his anger and fury filled his clear large eyes. When he saw the man walking toward him, he involuntary retreated two steps back while crying out, “You… don’t come over!”

“Little brother, you should still be a kid from your appearance. Don’t be afraid. This elder brother will dote on you fondly! Haha!

In the man’s point of view, this youth was the timid type. This fueled his domineering side and he couldn’t help but want to force this submissive youth under him.

“Stop coming over!”

Rays of fury surged within the youth’s clear eyes. His intense anger couldn’t control the power in his body, and a tremendous aura then burst forth.


It struck the man’s body.


The man flew and collided with a store along the street before spitting out a mouthful of blood. His head then tilted over and his body lost any sign of life.

“I… I didn’t do it intentionally.” The youth bit his lips as he looked timidly toward the corpse on the ground. With a layer of mist in his clear eyes, he continued, “You are the one that provoked me first. I already told you not to come over, but you insisted on coming over. I really didn’t intend on killing you…”

“Martial practitioner?” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze locked onto the youth’s body. With a smirk, she commented, “It seems that he is rather powerful, but I don’t know which family clan he is from.”

Nonetheless, since a Martial practitioner came knocking on her doors, she naturally wouldn’t let him leave.

When the youth raised his head, he saw Mu Ru Yue using such a malicious gaze on him as she sized him up. His body shuddered instantly. He then said weakly, “You… what are you thinking of doing? I just helped you. You… you can’t…”

His words were suddenly stuck in his throat.

The girl before him had extended a hand to pinch his cheek firmly. This peculiar feeling made him unable to get back to his senses for an instant.

The youth then regained his senses after a moment. His appearance was like a submissive being forcefully molested by someone. With anger in his eyes, he said, “You… you molested me?”


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