EAA Chapter 537


Chapter 537- Gentle Jade-like Yi Shao Chen Part 1

Seeing Mu Ru Yue’s calm expression, the peacock dressed girl’s expression changed drastically. Just as she wanted to say something, a cold voice could be heard outside the door.

“Liu Yu, what are you doing here?”

The peacock dressed girl glared furiously at Mu Ru Yue who lay on the bed before turning her head to look at the man entering the room. Similarly, Mu Ru Yue moved her gaze over as well…

The instant she saw the man, two descriptions appeared in her mind.


‘Gentle as jade, elegance-filled demeanour.’

The man wore a luxurious set with a folded-fan in hand. A handsome appearance like jade, he was as intricate and beautiful as porcelain. Furthermore, he had a pair of deep peach blossom eyes that, coupled with his jade-like appearance, enhanced his charm.

“Elder brother Shao Chen…”

The peacock-dressed girl’s expression changed drastically. She switched from her previous ferocious expression to a pitiful one as she asked in grief, “Who is this girl? Why have you brought her back to the manor?”

Moreover, she was also really ugly…

Yi Shao Chen had a gentle smile, but the light in his eyes dimmed slightly as he said, “Liu Yu, it is Ben Wang’s freedom in bringing back any girl he likes. You don’t have the qualification to meddle in this matter!”

“But elder brother Shao Chen, I’m your predestined wife. You…”

“Someone!” Yi Shao Chen snapped his fan and with the darkened eyes, ordered, “Escort Young Mistress Liu out!”

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but shake her head as she watched two guards pull Liu Yu out of the room.

‘It seems there are still so many brainless girls no matter where one goes.’

“Have you seen enough?”

A gentle but cold voice entered Mu Ru Yue’s ears, making her come back to her senses. She frowned as she turned her head to the source of the voice. A pair of slightly sinister peach blossom eyes entered her gaze.

“Are you a person from the Ouyang family?” Yi Shao Chen’s lips curled up into a cold smile with narrowed eyes.

“Ouyang family?” Mu Ru Yue’s knitted brows creased further before she gave a chuckle, continuing, “I’m sorry, but I’ve not heard of the Ouyang family.”

Yi Shao Chen didn’t mind her denial as a gentle smile graced his handsome face, but that smile didn’t reach his eyes.


‘This man gives off a really cold feeling. His gentle appearance seems to be just a facade. The real him is bone-piercingly cold.’

“If you aren’t a person from the Ouyang family, why did Ben Wang pick you up from the boundary of the Ouyang family? Moreover, if Ben Wang hasn’t guessed wrongly, that ring on your finger is a storage ring. If you aren’t a martial practitioner, how can you have such an item?”

The man smiled as he said this orderly.

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly.

‘He had picked me up from the Ouyang family’s territory. It probably should be due to that door. Moreover, Mu Rong Qing Chu had mentioned that not everyone in Realmless was Martial Practitioners. Those that do possess Martial Practitioners was only a few family clan.

‘It seems that the Ouyang family is one of them…’

“Sorry, but I really don’t know about this Ouyang family. I am indeed a Martial Practitioner, but I’ve always been following my master in cultivating in the deep mountains. I just accidently got hurt and fell when descending a mountain.” Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze slightly as she lied without flushed cheeks or racing heart.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be lying, Yi Shao Chen’s long, shapely eyebrows creased slightly.

‘Have I guessed wrongly? This girl really isn’t a person from the Ouyang family?’

“But can you please tell me about some facts about the Ouyang family?” A ray of light flickered in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she continued, “I’ve been living in the mountains since young, so I don’t know any knowledge about this place and I also don’t know about the Ouyang family.”

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  1. Glad that this guy doesn’t seem infatuated with MC and doesn’t think with his lower head. MC should probably also mention that she is happily married if any jealous bitches if horny dogs try to do untoward things.

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