EAA Chapter 535


Chapter 535 -Chasing After Your Steps Part 4

An unexpected person came to the Pill Tower a month after Ye Wu Chen’s departure.

The man’s silver hair fluttered even though they were within the living room. He was calm and collected, and this elegant grandeur enhanced the man’s immortal-like appearance. Even the movements he made while sipping tea looked refined.

Mu Ru Yue was stunned at his arrival before walking forth to greet him. “Mu Rong Qing Chu, why are you here?”

Seemingly at the sound of her voice, Mu Rong Qing Chu lifted his head and smiled. That smile of his seemed to make flowers bloom in his surroundings, creating an astonishingly beautiful scene.


“I owed you a favour and so, I’m returning it to you today.”

Mu Rong Qing Chu initially promised Mu Ru Yue that he would predict her future for saving his life, but then discovered that this girl’s future was impossible to foresee so he instead changed it to him owing her a favour.

Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrows rose as she said, “I wonder how you plan on doing that.”

Mu Rong Qing Chu slowly placed down his teacup and smiled as he said, “The location of Ye Wu Chen!”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as though it had been struck with a heavy rock. She shifted her gaze and the man’s immortal painting-like face entered her sight. She couldn’t help but ask, “You know where Wu Chen is?”

“It is not that I simply know, but that I am the only one in this world that knows.” Mu Rong Qing Chu looked at the nervous expression on the girl’s face and a trace of an odd light flashed past in his eyes.

The girl he always knew was one that was astonishing, but also cold and emotionless. Yet, she showed such a change in expression for that guy.

“Where is he?” Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath and asked.

Seeing the girl’s expression, Mu Rong Qing Chu smiled and replied, “Realmless!”


“That’s right.” Mu Rong Qing Chu nodded as he explained at his own pace, “Realmless is a land that is completely different from the Central Region, but similarly dangerous. Moreover, two years in Realmless is equivalent to a month here… I don’t know how he obtained the method for heading to Realmless, but I’m certain he is heading there from my predictions.”

He was similarly unable to see the future of him, of the both of them.

However, it was still really simple for him to find them. This was precisely the reason why he looked for Mu Ru Yue this time…  

“Can you tell me how to head to that place?”

Mu Rong Qing Chu lowered his gaze slightly. As an imperceptible light shone past his calm and elegant eyes, he replied, “I can send you to that place, but in the end the process will still need you to put in the effort.”

Mu Ru Yue chuckled upon hearing that and she said, “Since he is headed to Realmless, I must chase after his steps and go to that place as well.”

Mu Rong Qing Chu’s smile didn’t change, but he sighed and said , “Your feelings toward that man really makes others envious…”

“Please stop with the nonsensical words.” Mu Ru Yue’s eyebrow rose as she continued, “When will we depart?”

There was still some time left before the Immortal Doctor Banquet. She should still be able to make it after she found Ye Wu Chen. Moreover, two years in Realmless might lead to a qualitative improvement in her cultivation…

“Right now.”

Mu Rong Qing Chu stood up and said, “I will now lead you to the pathway to the Reamless.”

A pathway to Reamless was within a mountain range not far from the Empire of Feng Yun. The trip there would require but a day.

An enormous door was supposedly located within the mountain range, but normally it was hidden from sight. When they entered the mountain range, Mu Rong Qing Chu manipulated something on the ground.


An enormous door suddenly appeared before Mu Ru Yue.

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