EAA Chapter 526


Chapter 526 -Immortal Doctor Banquet Part 5


‘How can he not hate?’

He could feel a bone-engraving hatred whenever he thought about the scene that year. It was precisely because of that event that he wanted to become stronger. Yet, since he had only joined the Medicine Sect for a short period of time, he couldn’t contribute much to the sect. In the end there wasn’t any alternative for him but to create other plans to achieve his goal.

When Mu Ru Yue made him into a puppet, she didn’t erase his memories. She just placed a seal in his mind, so he naturally didn’t forget his past…


“Didn’t you think the Medicine Sect could easily discover that the Pill Tower wasn’t your own power?”

Ling Yun was slightly stunned before he lowered his head in embarrassment, but still replied, “My vengeance muddled my mind so I did such a reckless act. I am fortunate for master enlightening me when I got lost.”

Mu Ru Yue speechlessly rubbed her nose.

‘I enlightened him when he was lost? I don’t think I did such a great act…’

“You are to bring detailed informations of the Immortal Doctor Sect and the other four large powers to me tomorrow at the Pill Tower. There won’t be any further task for you once you do that.”

Mu Ru Yue yawned before she shifted her gaze to Yan Jin and said, “Let’s go.”

Yan Jin nodded. He cast his domineering gaze at Ling Yun before his lips curved up into a slight smirk.

‘It seems this Puppet Spell is indeed really useful…’

Mu Ru Yue saw her man standing at the window waiting for her when she returned to the Pill Tower. It was obvious the man, Ye Wu Chen, was unhappy, judging from the grief and resentment in his eye. She remembered she didn’t inform him of this matter and instead made Yan Jin assist her.

He looked as though he had been abandoned…

What awaited Mu Ru Yue was an aching body with a waist that refused to straighten the next day.

‘I don’t know how Ye Wu Chen can possess so much energy. Can it be due to his cultivation?

‘That is a rather plausible reason…’

Mu Ru Yue would return to the Pill Tower after she accompanied Old Man Xiao to the Central Region’s Xiao family to be acknowledged of his ancestry the next day. With the protection of the Xiao family, they probably wouldn’t face any danger…

However, once she exited the Pill Tower, she met with a person with a peculiar expression. This made Mu Ru Yue puzzled and she asked, “What happened?”

“Tower master,” Wu Shan looked peculiarly at her before he continued, “Someone is here for you.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose. She then understood why they were looking at her with such gazes when her sight landed on a resolute face beyond the crowd.


Ling Yun became excited when he saw Mu Ru Yue. He then walked briskly forth and passed some papers as he reported, “This is the information you wanted. I’ve already compiled them.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded and took those papers while instructing, “You don’t have any further task now. You can leave.”

Ling Yun was startled for a while before he looked with grief at her and said, “Master, are you abandoning me?”

It was undeniable that Ling Yun’s appearance was rather outstanding. His face seemed as though it had been carved into looking resolute and handsome. Along with his current expression, he could easily captivate people. However, without waiting for Mu Ru Yue’s reply, Ling Yun’s lapel was suddenly grabbed and lifted by a hand before he was tossed out of the Pill Tower mercilessly at this moment.

Ye Wu Chen’s expression was grim. A layer of sinister chill coated his purple eyes when he looked glacially at Ling Yun. He then walked toward Mu Ru Yue, his handsome face relaxing once he stood behind his girl.

The others, on the other hand, hadn’t yet gotten back to their senses…

Mu Ru Yue had told them not to meddle with this matter and that she would settle it herself yesterday. Everyone thought that she would simply kill the culprit late in the night. Who knew this haughty disciple of the Medicine Sect would suddenly call her his master instead.

What on earth happened last night?

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