EAA Chapter 525


Chapter 525 -Immortal Doctor Banquet Part 4

Yan Jin’s fists landed repeatedly on the man’s body before he could come back to his senses, beating him up so much that he didn’t have a chance to shout for help.

Simultaneously, Mu Ru Yue started to move…

She gradually intensified her mental power as though there wasn’t a limit to it. The youth’s complexion paled under her tyrannical mental power, and it felt as though the air had been vacuumed from his surroundings.

‘This woman possesses such tyrannical mental power!’


The youth finally understood what kind of enemy he provoked…

“The first step in manufacturing a puppet is to wipe out his consciousness.”

There was a difference between making a human puppet and a metal puppet. You just needed a refinement method for metal puppets, but if you wanted to make a human into a puppet, then you needed tremendous mental power.

Hence, the only person that could succeed in doing it was probably only Mu Ru Yue.

The youth’s consciousness gradually became hazy. A hot flow of energy then appeared in his mind. Following that, a green aura accompanied by the smell of medicinal plants entered his pores…


‘I must resist!

‘I don’t want to be controlled by this girl!’

The man struggled with all his might. He thought about his brothers who died horrible deaths and his bone-engraved hatred at this moment…

He must persevere for those people. He could only avenge his brothers after he gained the acknowledgment of the Immortal Doctor Sect!

“Still resisting?”

A trace of amazement flashed in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. Her interest in the youth grew as she mused, “This youth was able to maintain his consciousness under the might of my mental power. This youth isn’t simple.”

If she initially planned to make him into a puppet to solve the problem for the Pill Tower and make it impossible for the Medicine Sect to find her, she was now deeply interested in the youth himself.

The man’s consciousness slowly faded under Mu Ru Yue’s attack. His eyes gradually became lifeless. The Corpse Worm Poison infiltrated his body at this moment. A trace of a green aura appeared at his glabella, but it quickly faded…

“It’s done.”

Mu Ru Yue slowly curled up her lips into a smirk after wiping the cold sweat from forehead. She then looked at the youth and asked, “What is your name?”

The man no longer had his previously harsh gaze. He lowered his head a little before replying respectfully, “Master, your subordinate’s name is Ling Yun.”

“Ling Yun?” Mu Ru Yue calmly asked again, “What is your motive in coming to my Pill Tower?”

“It is for the Immortal Doctor Banquet in two months time. Disciples of the Medicine Sect must show some accomplishments outside the sect to be selected as competitors in the event. Thus, I wanted to take over the Pill Tower to gain a name slot and participate in the Immortal Doctor Banquet.”

Mu Ru Yue had heard this reason from Wu Shan so she wasn’t too shocked. She then nodded and continued with glimmers flickering in her eyes, “What is the reason then for you resisting against me just now?”

Ling Yun stayed silent for a while.

It was unknown to Mu Ru Yue why she could suddenly feel sinister killing intent and boundless hatred coming from the man at this moment.

‘So it was hatred that allowed him to sustain his will…’

“It is for my brothers!” Ling Yun lowered his gaze slightly before he continued, “My brothers were murdered when we were out training that year. The culprits were the people from the Holy Sect. I joined the Medicine Sect precisely due to my hatred for the Holy Sect. It is a pity that I’m unable to resist against the Holy Sect with just my abilities. Hence, I wanted to seek the attention of the Immortal Doctor Sect. If I succeed, I might be able to deal with the Holy Sect!”

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