EAA Chapter 524


Chapter 524 -Immortal Doctor Banquet Part 3

The man’s body shook as a powerful aura burst forth from his body. He shot his eagle-like eyes at the window, landing on a girl with an indifferent expression dressed in white robes and a man with a cold expression in black robes…

“Who are the two of you?” His eyes narrowed slightly as his aura continued to surge and build.

Even though the girl looked really weak, the man was extremely powerful. It would be wise of him to take them seriously…

“You are a person of the Medicine Sect?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as her lips curled up into a slight sneer.


Hmph!” The man coldly snorted before he continued, “Since you know I am a member of the Medicine Sect, who gave you the guts to come looking for me here?”

He initially thought the woman would cower once she felt his grandeur. Yet, she didn’t, instead looking at him mockingly as though she were looking at a joke.

This feeling made the youth feel uncomfortable so his gaze turned increasingly unfriendly.

“I am here to subdue you. If you are willing to cooperate with me, perhaps you will suffer less.” Mu Ru Yue’s eyes brimmed with smiles as she said that. Her tone was indifferent, as though she were speaking an ordinary matter.

However, her words made the youth’s expression change drastically.

“Subdue me? Just you? We will have to see if you have such capability!”

‘I am an expert at the Mystic Realm. This woman wants to subdue me? She must be dreaming…’

“Yan Jin!” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened gradually as she commanded, “Quickly deal with him before others are alarmed!”

That youth was just a Mystic realm practitioner, but the previous Elder was at the Earth realm. If he were to find out about this, she would be in grave danger without Xiao Bai’s assistance…

Mu Ru Yue raised her hand and a bottle appeared on her palm after she gave the order. She poured out a pill before tossing it to Yan Jin. “This is a Strengthening Pill. It will allow you to increase your power for half an hour.”

Yan Jin caught the pill and swallowed it without hesitation.

The next instant, his body’s aura intensified drastically. He shifted all of his power to his fist,


He struck his fist toward the youth.

The youth was greatly alarmed but it was too late to avoid it so he could only use his own fist to greet the incoming attack.


When Yan Jin’s fist connected with the youth’s, it made the youth retreat from the impact.

The man’s fist seemed to have been crippled as he was unable to lift it anymore. He looked astonishingly at Yan Jin before shifting his gaze to Mu Ru Yue. With a hoarse voice, he asked, “Who are you?”

Mu Ru Yue smirked and replied, “Who do you think I am?”

The youth’s gaze darkened. He had never offended anyone other than the Pill Tower. Moreover, his opponent could casually use Strengthening Pills…

“You are a person of the Pill Tower?”

“That’s right!” Mu Ru Yue didn’t deny it, but straightforwardly admitted it instead.

This person was going to be her puppet anyway…

The man’s expression changed slightly as he didn’t expect these people were from the Pill Tower. Following that, he saw the girl in white robes fiddling with something.

Mu Ru Yue dusted her hands after she took out the Corpse Worm Poison and some medicinal ingredients. She then smirked slightly as she instructed coldly, “Yan Jin, knock him out for me so that I can do what I plan to do easily.”

Yan Jin’s brows rose as his domineering black eyes landed on the youth with an unpleasant expression and commented, “There’s no helping it. Who told you to offend the little girl? You can only redeem yourself as her test sample..”


The man couldn’t speak further as a heavy fist struck toward him.


His fist landed on the youth’s head, making him feel dizzy as his sight blurred, golden stars filling his vision…

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  1. Time to get a new barbie doll~ wonder if she’s going to use it to scout the medicine sect too~

    Since they’re “kind” enough to come scout out her tower, she should send them back some “gifts” as well :3

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