EAA Chapter 523


Chapter 523 -Immortal Doctor Banquet Part 2

Mu Ring Qing Chu was initially the young sect master of the Medicine Sect inside the Sheng Domain, while Senior Dan was the old master of the sect. But why was he calling Mu Rong Qing Chu the young master and using such a respectful gaze toward him?

What identity did this man hold?

“I wonder if she will be coming to the Immortal Doctor Banquet.” The man’s expression was indifferent, as though he were asking something that didn’t have anything to do with him.

But only Senior Dan knew Mu Rong Qing Chu’s heartfelt anticipation…


“Mister, she will be able to participate in the Immortal Doctor Banquet if she were to receive an invitation.”

“Invitation?” A smile graced the man’s refined face as he stood against the breeze. It was only after a long while before his heavenly music-like voice sounded again. “I understand…”

It was night.

The moon seemed to have hidden into the sky as not a single trace of light could be seen.

“Little girl, where are we heading to now?” Yan Jin’s brows rose as he shifted his gaze to the girl beside him. The little girl was probably up to mischief…

“I had previously gotten a book that depicted how to manufacture puppets. Following that, I was fortunate enough to obtain some Corpse Worm Poison from the Fourth Prince. But I never got a chance to test it out until now. Hence, we will be manufacturing our first puppet tonight.”

Mu Ru Yue was somewhat excited as she held great interest toward matters concerning puppets.

Yan Jin shook his head helplessly as he commented, “I don’t know who that unlucky fellow is to have caught this little girl’s eyes. I really sympathize with him.”

Yet, Mu Ru Yue didn’t bother to reply to Yan Jin as she pulled on his arm and dashed into the inn.

“Uncle Yun, I must obtain that Pill Tower no matter what.”

Inside a room, a man frowned and replied as a trace of sinister ray of light flickered in his eyes, “But the Pill Tower has the backing of the Xiao family. I didn’t expect a Heaven realm expert to be within a puny family clan in this empire!”

‘Heaven realm?’

Mu Ru Yue’s breath tightened as she stopped outside the window.

‘The old ancestor’s cultivation is at the Heaven realm?

‘That actually isn’t a wonder as the Xiao family in the past was indeed powerful, but the family’s strength started to fall after the old ancestor entered closed door training for a century as everyone thought that he died. Moreover, the strongest experts in the Xiao family, excluding the old ancestor, are only at the Mystic realm so that led to the current state of the Xiao family.’

“This will indeed be a little troublesome.” The elder known as Uncle Yun frowned as he queried, “Are you really adamant in wanting the Pill Tower?”


The youth smirked as he tapped lightly on the table and replied, “There are a lot of pills that I hadn’t heard of in that Pill Tower. If I were to obtain the formulas for those pills, my power will definitely become stronger. This is my main motive. However, that obstinate fool of the Xiao family stopped me from doing so and didn’t place any importance on our Medicine Sect. I will definitely eliminate that damnable bastard one day!”

Intense killing intent burst forth from the youth’s body as a sinister light flashed past his eyes.

Uncle Yun’s tightly knitted brows relaxed as he replied, “Don’t worry. There will always be a way. It is late already. We should rest for the night and discuss this matter again tomorrow.”


The youth nodded slightly and said, “Uncle Yun should take a rest first. I will come to seek for you again tomorrow.”

Uncle Yun didn’t say anything else after hearing that as he stood and turned around, leaving the room.


Outside the window of the room, beneath the night sky, Yan Jin glanced at the girl by his side. He then said with a fake smile, “Will he be your guinea pig?”

Xiao Bai had entered deep slumber ever since Wu Chen appeared. He was going to reach maturity in the near future so he needed to enter deep sleep in order to recover his power.

Hence, Yan Jin was the only one that was available to assist Mu Ru Yue…  

“Who are you?”

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