EAA Chapter 509


Chapter 509 -Confession Part 3

It was undeniable that her master had helped her a lot when she had just transmigrated.

His previous help was unerasable even if she were stronger than him now…

The Qing Yun Sect sat atop a mountain. The scenery was magnificent as it had its four seasons as Spring. However, Mu Ru Yue and Wu Chen’s path was blocked at the entrance of the Sect.

The one who hindered their path was a man in green robes. He held himself arrogantly and with disdain in his eyes, he shouted coldly, “Do you know where this is? The Qing Yun Sect isn’t a place you can just barge in!”


Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly as she said, “I’m here to find Wu Yu.”

“Grandmaster Wu Yu?” The man frowned and with mockery flashing in his eyes, he continued, “Grandmaster Wu Yu had colluded with outsiders to harm our sect. He has now been captured and his punishment is to be burned at the stake which commences today. It must be a mistake for the two of you to find him!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression turned grim as she shot a glacial gaze at the man before her.

It was mystery for the man as to why he suddenly felt as though he had been thrown into an ice bath from receiving her gaze. A chill rose up through his body from his feet. That coldness made him shudder.

But he quickly came back to his senses and felt that his previous reaction was laughable.

She was only a little girl of about twenty years of age and he was unexpectedly terrified of her. If this were to be known, how many people would mock him…



A tyrannical power struck his body before the man could say further, instantly sending him flying backward.

“Wu Chen, let’s go!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t speak further as she entered the sect.

Currently, her expression was so grim that it was terrifying. She was like a tempest capable of causing alarm in others. A layer of frost seemed to surround her, making people unable to near her…

An elder was currently being bound on a stake at the public square of the sect as he looked sorrowfully at the sect before him.

‘This is the Qing Yun Sect that I had devoted my entire life to? How laughable is it that they actually want to execute me for some matters that were fabricated.’

The elder laughed. His smile was filled with grief.

“Why are you laughing? Wu Yu, it is undeniable that I am impress that you are able to laugh when you are about to die!”

An elder with monkey cheeks and a sharp jaw said that. The mole on top of his lips made his appearance increasingly ruthless. A sinister ray of light shone in his eyes.

Wu Yu didn’t reply but instead looked at the young girl by Elder Hou’s side. He smiled bitterly and asked, “Yi Die, I don’t ever think I have mistreated you. Why are you allying with these people to frame me?”

Yi Die shuddered slightly as she lowered her gaze.

‘I am really not to be blamed…

‘I am indeed grateful to Grandmaster Wu Yu for sheltering me when I was completely helpless that year and making me be a small Yao Tong. However, he had never taught me any alchemy techniques after all these year nor did he recruited me as his disciple. He only cared for that woman…’

“Grandmaster Wu Yu.” Yi Die raised her gaze and with her eyelashes trembling slightly, she asked, “Why are you so unwilling to teach me alchemy? I believe that if you tutor me, I won’t be inferior to anyone!”

Her intelligence was superior since young. She had become a Seventh Stage Martial practitioner at a tender age, making her one of the top peerless talents in the sect.

Yet, Grandmaster Wu Yu refused to teach her alchemy so how could she stand it? With her innate talent, if the Grandmaster was willing to coach her then she would definitely not be inferior to that woman Mu Ru Yue!

“Yi Die, you are too prideful, arrogant, impulsive and can’t stand failure. It is best for you that I don’t teach you alchemy. How can you refine a perfect pill with your current temperament?”

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