EAA Chapter 507


Chapter 507 -Confession Part 1

A crowd of people walked out from behind Mu Ru Yue.

Xiao Tian Yu’s gaze contracted slightly. With his current cultivation, he could feel that these people were experts. Why did they come to the Xiao family?

“Father, mother, I know you have a lot of doubts. I will explain this to the two of you once I see Elder Xiao.”

Xiao Tian Yu swallowed all of his questions and nodded slightly. “Alright, Elder Xiao is now in the ancestral hall in closed door training. I will go and find him.”


“No need. Let’s all head to the ancestral hall together.” Mu Ru Yue smiled. With a sinister and chilling aura, she continued, “They should take a look at Xiao Yun’s tablet…”


Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue looked at each other before looking at the elders with embarrassed expressions. They didn’t know what Mu Ru Yue was up to at the moment…

The elder, who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes  in the ancestral hall and shot a sharp gaze outside the room.

As he did so, the door suddenly opened at that moment.

He was slightly stunned when he saw the white robed young girl who was the first to enter the room. “Little girl Yue Er, you have returned.”

“Yes.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly and with a smile, she continued, “I have brought a few people to meet you this time.”


With a raise of his brows, Elder Xiao looked out of the room, following her gaze.

Suddenly, his entire body shuddered once he saw the elders that entered the ancestral hall. With a sharp aura, he said, “It’s you guys?!”

They were the people that had set up Xiao Yun!

He never forgot their appearances even after they had aged!

Flames of fury burned in Elder Xiao’s eyes when he thought about what happened that year and he said with intense hatred, “Why have you all come here?!”

Perhaps Elder Xiao had always given people the impression of him being calm and collected, so Xiao Tian Yu and the rest were curious as to what made Elder Xiao this stirred up.

Elder Xiao had only told Mu Ru Yue what had happened that year so no matter even if it were the old man of the Xiao family, no one knew about their grudges…

“Elder Xiao.” Mu Ru Yue swept a glance at all of the ancestor elders and continued with a cold smile, “They have come to apologise to Xiao Yun and you. Moreover, they are willing to wear mourning clothes and shift Xiao Yun’s burial as his younger generation.”

Elder Xiao’s heart gradually calmed down after hearing what Mu Ru Yue said, but the chill in his eyes was easy to see.

He would never forget that it was due to all of these people that Xiao Yun was forced out of the Central Region and left to settle down in the Sheng Domain…

“This… Yue Er, what is going on?”

Xiao Tian Yu frowned slightly as he voiced his doubt.

“These are the Xiao family’s people from the Central Region.” Mu Ru Yue replied in an indifferent tone with slightly raised brows.

A trace of astonishment flashed in Xiao Tian Yu’s eyes as he asked, “Xiao family of the Central Region? Does the Xiao family in the Central region have a connection with our Sheng Domain?”

“Of course there is a connection. The founder of the Xiao family in the Sheng Domain were those that had been chased out of the Xiao family of the Central Region. Furthermore, these people are of the same generation as Xiao Yun who had lived approximately hundred and fifty years ago. They are all at the Xiantian Full Circle realm.”

Nobody didn’t know what the Xiantian Full Circle realm represented!

These five people were experts at the Xiantian Full Circle realm! Only Senior Dan from the Medicine Sect in the entire Sheng Domain was at the Xiantian Full Circle realm…

Xiao Tian Yu’s brows creased further by the word. He swept a gaze at all of these elders with their slightly sheepish expressions before asking, “People of the same generation as Xiao Yun? Why did Xiao Yun come here?”

“That is a different story.” Mu Ru Yue’s smirk intensified as a trace of cold light shone in her eyes…

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