EAA Chapter 502


Chapter 502 -The Family Of Three Part 6

“Little girl, I heard you are an alchemist.” The old ancestor smiled at Mu Ru Yue and asked cordially, “May I know what stage alchemy you reached?”

Perhaps it was because Mu Ru Yue had a really good impression of this elder that she didn’t hide it and replied, “Mundane Stage Mid Rank.”

‘Mundane Stage Mid Rank?’

The smile present on the crowd’s mouths stiffened as they looked flabbergasted at the girl with her calm expression.


They had unprecedented regrets at this moment. If they knew that Xiao Yun’s descendant were so outstanding earlier on, they wouldn’t have listened to Qing Shi’s provocations.

It was too late for regret, especially when the old ancestor had a good impression of her…

Haha!” The old ancestor raised his head and laughed out loud. He nodded his head in satisfaction. “Not bad, little girl. You are really outstanding. I don’t know if you are interested in my Xiao family?”

Mu Ru Yue replied without any hesitation, “Not interested.”

The smile of the old ancestor stiffened with a slight twitch of his lip.

‘This little girl is too honest; she doesn’t even know how to tell a white lie.

‘Is his Xiao family that terrible?’

“Feng Er, how about yourself?” The old ancestor turned his head toward Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng didn’t even raise his gaze as he replied, “I have to help my sister manage the Pill Tower so I don’t have time to govern your Xiao family.”

Grief was expressed in the old ancestor’s eyes after he heard Xiao Feng’s reply.

“The sons of Bai Xuan have already died. It can’t be that there won’t be anymore successors of the Xiao family, right? I believe that the two of you are the best candidates. Can you consider it? How about I just give it to you or pay you for your service?”

Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. It wouldn’t be bad to have another power even though the Pill Tower had already stabilized…

“Old ancestor, I have a candidate in mind.”

The old ancestor’s eyes lit up instantly as he asked, “Who?”

“My father, Xiao Tian Yu. Our family line has been staying in the Sheng Domain after Xiao Yun was chased out of the Xiao family. His cultivation isn’t strong, but grandfather had nurtured him since young so he won’t make the same previous mistakes of the Xiao family if the Xiao family is passed into his hands. But I have a condition…”

“What condition?”

“I want everyone that participated in chasing Xiao Yun out of the Xiao family to make a trip to the Sheng Domain and apologise to Xiao Yun’s grave in mourning clothings before personally carrying Xiao Yun’s coffin back to the Central Region of the Xiao family in order for him to rest. If you agree to this condition, I will let the Sheng Domain’s Xiao family migrate here. Eldest brother and I will then naturally be people of the Xiao family. If you don’t agree, we will leave immediately!”

The expression of those ancestor elders that had participated in that old matter turned ashen as they looked toward the old ancestor.

It was alright for them to apologise, but wouldn’t wearing mourning clothings mean that they were a generation lower? How could they agree to such a tall request?

However, the old ancestor nodded. “They should. I haven’t settled the debts with you all for directly killing my grandson on behalf of your parents. If you don’t agree to this request, I just have to personally send all of you to apologise before Xiao Yun himself!”

The expression of the crowd gloomed, but since it was the old ancestor’s words they didn’t dare to defy it. Otherwise, he might really sent them on a one-way trip to hell to meet Xiao Yun…

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at their ashened expression and said with a cold smile. “But I see that everyone is so unwilling. If you head to Xiao Yun’s tomb with such expressions, I am afraid he might feel oppressed.”

The old ancestor coughed drily before he released a sliver of his pressuring aura. “What? Are all of you unwilling to apologise to my grandson or wear mourning clothes? If you are so unwilling, you can tell me. Even though I had undergone just over a century of closed door training, I am still an understanding person. I definitely won’t force you all.”

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      .. I kind of gave up as well personally XD Her cultivation is exactly what level it needs to be. Not one level less and not one level more lol.

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