EAA Chapter 491


Chapter 491 – Mother And Son’s Recognition Part 1

Zi Feng rarely went to the place where she had locked their son up as she didn’t want to face the fruit of their love. But not too long ago, when she went back to that place, she found that the little boy had actually been rescued by someone!

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes and, with a layer of frost, said, “Nangong Zi Feng, do you really think I would agree to such a request?”

Nangong Zi Feng chuckled. Mu Ru Yue couldn’t see her appearance, but she could still feel her cold and sinister aura.

“If you really want me to snap that adorable little boy’s neck, you can simply reject my request. But I won’t be soft-handed. You might even receive the corpse of his body in the next couple of days. Hahaha!



An icy aura burst forth from the girl’s body as she charged toward Nangong Zi Feng. At that moment, the image dissipated…

She slammed her hand on the table, the intensity of her killing intent from her eyes remained unchanged.

“Nangong Zi Feng!”

Mu Ru Yue took in a deep breath as she gradually calmed the killing intent in her heart…

Under the moonlight, a silver robe fluttered in the wind and gave off an indescribably prestigious and noble aura.

Yet, the divinely handsome youth that stood outside the window turned ashened. He clenched his fist tightly to the point that it shuddered slightly. It was as though flames of fury was held within them.

He didn’t expect that he would hear such words when he had just found her.

Zi Feng had actually used him to threaten her!

But mother should know about his existence this way…

The youth wanted to push open the door as he suppressed his excitement. But at that moment, he could feel indescribable auras nearing him and he stopped his hand from opening the door.

“They had actually followed me! It seems I will need to leave for a moment.” Zi Qian Jing’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a trace of cold light flashing in his eyes, he said, “But mother…”

He kept silent for a while before taking out a paper and pen to write a few words. Finally, he tossed it into the room. Following that, he turned and left without looking back…

Inside the room, Mu Ru Yue’s expression was ice-cold with a layer of frost covering her face.

Then, suddenly, a piece of paper floated in from outside the room…


Her sight shifted as she lifted her hand to catch that paper, her brows knitted tightly together…

[“Mother, you don’t need to care about Zi Feng’s threat. I had already been rescued by aunt and escaped from her demonic claws. I initially wanted to meet up with mother, but I have something I have to attend to now so I will explain this matter to you once I settle it…”]

Mu Ru Yue’s finger trembled and the paper slowly fell to the ground. She ran like a mad person out of the room. But under the night sky, she couldn’t see anyone.

Even his aura had disappeared…

But she knew he had come over!

Mu Ru Yue lifted a hand to cover her face, tears flowing down from the gaps of her fingers…

She couldn’t forget that scene from Nangong Zi Feng’s memory.

In that scene, the little boy with a jade carved face lay there without any life in a coffin, the empty sleeves containing traces of blood on them. His tightly locked brows were enough to express his loneliness and panic…

Even though it had been her past life, a mother and son’s heart were always connected. So when she had seen that scene, she felt a heart wrenching pain…

But now he could write!

How could Mu Ru Yue not be jubilant?

“So he has always been around…” Happiness finally appeared in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. Right now, her heart settled down.

She didn’t care when he would reunite with her, as long as he stayed out of Zi Feng’s hands.

Otherwise, she didn’t know what kind of tortures Zi Feng would implement on him…

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  1. Miki I gotta ask does this annoying woman ever get killed off permanently? I mean killed off permanently within a short time frame from now, because lord if I gotta deal with her nonsense any further…

    I have never despised a character so much in a novel as I do this Nangong Zi Feng. I don’t even mean I despise her for her behavior, but that I just think she is a poorly written villain! So spoil a bit for me Miki…do we get a better villain in the future besides “I wanna sleep with your husband! Screw you Mu Ru Yue! I’m better!”? XD

    1. She certainly can be considered 2-D in the consistent and insane way she so one sidedly pursues her objective (although such a characteristic determination in the face of futility could be an “endearing” trait an MC we want to root for would have, but as a villain it is repulsive). But looked at in another way, she really captures the “self-centered crazy psycho bitch” trait better than any I have ever seen before, thinking that she is the protagonist that has been wronged by all and is suffering oh-so-much (at its core her objective, whether succeeding or not, is pretty much rape as he would never consent). In a way, she is so hate-able that her 2-D determined madness can be considered like a work of art (evokes a certain emotion/response from the viewer) in its design.

    2. I don’t really considered her badly written,

      I consider the REACTIONS to what she says BADLY WRITTEN.

      Such as to this:”…Do you know what it was like to see him daily? I will always imagine what things you two do every night just by looking at him. That matter gave me a heart wrenching pain. Why didn’t you two think about how I felt? Didn’t you know that it was too ruthless to me?”

      Acceptable answer “He didn’t love or regard you as anything even before I was there and I found you annoying. so why should we take even a second of our day to think of how you’d feel?”

      Answer used: Nothing, author just let Zi Feng monologue and forgets how Mu Ru Yue called all royal men of a court “stud horses full of venereal diseases” in the first chapters.

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  3. So “aunt” is actually not Zi Feng. Kinda thought so Zi Feng had no reason to let him out in an elaborate trick that has no merit. But the question is who is “aunt?” Maybe some beast-like creature like Yan Jin (and that trapped white guy whose name escapes me due to not being seen in awhile) from back then? Or would it be a reincarnation of that person, a stable one like Zi Feng’s and not the one MRY and Wu Chen had that fractured memories.

    1. It’s Mu ru Yue’s bff. Yao Yun Qing.
      It was said before that after the aunt rescued him she’d try to recue Senior Yue from the alternate plane she had reincarnated in by using a similar method to what Zi Feng used to kill her.

      Which is why they both were in Hua Xia and a mysterious light killed them and reincarnated in this now world(likely Yao Quing’s plan to make them reincarnate BACK THERE).

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