EAA Chapter 49


Chapter 49- Soloing The Crowd Part 5

If it was per the usual, Ye Tian Feng would hastily explain. Yet now he didn’t say a word, instead just staring at the completely unclothed Mu Ting Er on the stage with a slight crease of his sword-like eyebrows.

Three days ago, he decided to believe in her when Mu Ting Er had said those vicious words. Currently, however, the body of the girl he wanted to marry had been publicly seen. Even though it wasn’t her intent, after marriage, the thought of his woman being lecherously seen by so many people wasn’t something he would feel pleasant about.

It could be said that Ye Tian Feng had the characteristics of usual men. He could bear it if his woman had an evil heart and mind, but he couldn’t bear the idea that the person beside him in bed had been completely exposed to a crowd. He could even imagine that there would definitely be countless men daydreaming a scene of rolling in bed with Mu Ting Er at this moment.

After using the dual sword technique, Mu Ru Yue was drained of energy. Her clothing was completely soaked by her perspiration, and it stuck tightly to her body, showing its elegant curves.


At this moment, a youth stood up behind her. He staggered a few steps and, with a layer of flame coating his fist, he struck at Mu Ru Yue.

Hong! The sudden attack stunned the crowd. Mu Ru Yue seemed to have eyes on her back as she moved her body to the side, avoiding the blow. Following that, she used her remaining energy to kick the youth. That youth formed an arc in the air, striking towards Mu Ting Er.

The youth couldn’t retract his punch in time, so it landed upon Mu Ting Er’s body. The current Mu Ting Er did not even have the strength to stand properly, not to mention blocking that punch.

Her delicate body flew in an arc in the next instant as she landed heavily beneath the martial stage. That youth had used the last remnants of his strength, so he lost consciousness once more.

On the enormous Martial Stage, there were scattered bodies lying all over, yet only a sole person stood arrogantly atop it. Everyone swallowed their spit as they stared with disbelief at Mu Ru Yue, the sole person standing.

She had unexpectedly won after soloing the mob. This included Mu Ting Er, who had used pill to raise her cultivation to the Fifth Stage. Even after that, she still wasn’t Mu Ru Yue’s match. This girl was just monstrous. Who would have thought she’d have such a transformation?

Ye Tian Feng’s gaze darkened as he moved in a flash to Mu Ting Er’s side to cover her body with clothes before leaping onto the arena’s stage. He lifted his gaze to look at the youthful girl standing before him.

“Mu Ru Yue, did you really want to gain my attention so badly? I must say, you have indeed succeeded.”

With his hands clasped behind his back and a slight breeze rustling his clothes, this handsome appearance was really striking beneath the sunlight. Darkness and gloom were hidden within that pair of deep eyes.

Mu Ru Yue chuckled softly. “Which part of you is worthy enough for me to seek your attention?”

Ye Tian Feng’s expression changed slightly before turning back to normal the next instant. “Previously, Ting Er had said you wanted to kill her to obtain me. In that case, aren’t you doing all this to gain my attention? Mu Ru Yue, you had pestered me for so many years; wasn’t it all to become my Main Wife? Alright, I’ll grant you your wish and allow you to become this Crown Prince’s Main Wife.”

At that moment, Ting Er awoke. When she heard Ye Tian Feng’s words, she fainted once again from fury.

“Your Highness Crown Prince…” Mu Qing’s expression changed drastically. “What about Ting Er then?”

“I’ll let her be my concubine.”

Even though he was unhappy about Mu Ting Er having been completely exposed to the crowd, they did have skinship after all. Ye Tian Feng would still give her a name.

“Crown Prince, you seem to have forgotten something.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders. She had a smile on her face, but her eyes were ice-cold as she commented, “I’m the Ghost King’s fiancee, which means I’m your aunt.”

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    Said as a fixer of heads (psychologist) he has seen cases like this.
    The major thing he pointed out was that Ting Er most likely did the poisoning by accident and that all her behavior after that towards Mu Ru Yue was to both deal with the crippling guilt and to justify her actions.

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  8. Chapter 50 (Teaser)- Hidden Growth In Feelings Part 1

    Ye Tian Feng frowned as he’d overreached himself. If he knew she was so talented, why would he have wanted to withdraw from her marriage?

    “The Ghost King isn’t suitable for you. Marrying me will be your best choice.”

    Mu Ru Yue didn’t expect Ye Tian Feng to be so shameless. Was she some call girl to be thrown and called back? If she didn’t have the ability to resolve the poison in her body, then Ye Tian Feng wouldn’t have even glanced at her.

    “How do you know the Ghost King isn’t suitable me? I’d be more willing to marry the Ghost King than to wed you.”

    The girl’s words startled Ye Tian Feng. This girl had always been so persistent towards him and used any method to gain his attention. Why had she stopped now?

    It was unknown when, but as Ye Tian Feng looked into her cold gaze, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable. Who knew it would feel this unpleasant when a girl, one who had loved him so much, would suddenly have such a great change of affections?

    “Cough! Cough!” The Emperor of Zi Yue cleared his throat and surveyed the crowd with a domineering gaze. “Since the winner of the competition has been finalized, the competition is concluded. As for Mu Ru Yue, come along with Us to the palace. We will personally award you.”

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