EAA Chapter 489


Chapter 489-  Threats Part 4

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze was slightly cold as she shifted to the pale Third Master of the Xiao family. “I had said it just now that anyone that tries to make a move on my elder brother will only have one outcome!”

It was death!

The heart of the Third Master of the Xiao family shuddered.

‘How can I beg for these people to let me off when even Yao Jing and the rest weren’t able to escape the calamity?


‘I’m finished…

‘I really am doomed.

‘Why did I try to move a man of the Yao family main branch’s young mistress to others?’

The rest of the elders subconsciously retreated a couple of steps back.

They hadn’t planned to make an enemy out of the Yao family.

As for the Third Master of the Xiao family, they could only watch on as he perished…

Mu Ru yue’s hand landed on the handle of her sword.


She withdrew her sword. As she brandished her sword, it gave rise to a gale that sent the Third Master of the Xiao family flying.


His body landed on a table, instantly breaking it into halves.


He spat out a mouthful of blood, then looked with terror at the white robed girl walking toward him. At this moment, his heart trembled vigorously.

His despair was like an enormous rock that was pressed down on his heart, making breathing difficult. The current Third Master of the Xiao family no longer thought about anything else other than to live…  

Mu Ru Yue walked slowly toward him.

Following her steps, an indistinct killing intent was emitted. Her white robe fluttered without wind and her hair flowed freely as well.


The pupils of the Third Master of the Xiao family contracted. Just as he wanted to plead for mercy, a ray of light shot in from outside.


A sword pierced viciously into his heart…

His body shuddered as his heart fell momentarily to the bottom when he saw the young girl before him. He yelled out in despair and sorrow, “Jing Er, you…”

Slowly, the Third Master of the Xiao family closed his eyes. He couldn’t understand why the daughter he had doted the most upon had killed him…

The Xiao family was also stunned as they looked with disbelief at the young girl that appeared out of thin air.

Xiao Jing’s lovable face turned grim as she looked at the corpse before her. With a peculiar ray of light in her eyes, she said, “Father, do you think that I don’t know what you had done? There is an undeniable link between mother’s death and you that year.”

Xiao Jing gently drew out the sword. Her lovable smile once again appeared on her face as she turned her head toward Mu Ru Yue and said with a sweet smile, “You are the descendant of Xiao Yun? I didn’t have time to talk to you previously. My father had done too much. I already killed him as a repayment. I hope that you won’t implicate the Xiao family due to father.”

The young girl’s words was full of logic and emotion, but it gave Mu Ru Yue an uncomfortable feeling. She didn’t know why she felt such discomfort.

It was as though her own heart was rejecting the girl from nearing her…  

“I won’t annihilate the Xiao family as long as the Xiao family doesn’t offend me again on behalf of Xiao Bai Xuan. But if someone dares to seek trouble with the Pill Tower, I, Mu Ru Yue, won’t be afraid of dealing with them!”

After she said that, she turned around and looked at the sky. “Elder brother should be awake by now. Yun Qing— No, I should call you sister-in-law now. Let’s go.”

Yao Yun Qing’s delicate and pretty face instantly flushed. She glared with slight bashfulness at Mu Ru Yue. “I am still not your sister-in-law.”

“Why not since you have already done it?” Mu Ru Yue turned her head and blinked her eyes as she asked with smiles.

“Isn’t such a matter normal at our homeland1?”

One could say it was really her first time in both of her lives as she was the conserved-type of person and had never lost her innocence…


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  1. Homeland refers to the modernized Hua Xia

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  1. You could be right. That could be Zi Feng. If so, why is she interested in Yan Jin (cute beast)? Is it to weaken MRY’s protection?
    Thanks for the update.

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