EAA Chapter 479


Chapter 479 – Failure Of The Plot Part 4

Zi family…

Ye Wu Chen’s expression slowly turned grim as sinister killing intent was emitted from his purple eyes. It was this woman that had annihilated the Zi family that year.

“The Zi family has vanished.”

Zi Feng chuckled lowly. “I have ways to bring the Zi family back into existence. Elder brother Zi Huang, if you make love to me for a night, then I will tell you where those people went. I just want a night…”


The expectant gaze of the woman was naked to the eyes even though her appearance wasn’t distinct.

‘My request shouldn’t be too much. I just want his love for a night before telling him what he wants to know…

‘However, that woman wouldn’t be able to stand a single grain of sand in her eyes. Once Elder brother Zi Huang betrays her, then no matter if it had just been a single night, she wouldn’t continue to love him…’

Zi Huang’s gaze turned increasingly ominous. Killing intent surged from his body and his heart burned with fury.

“Zi Feng!” Suddenly, he chuckled sinisterly. He gave people a fearful feeling, as though he were a devil from hell. “Do you know that Ben Wang is willing to blind himself just from glancing at your disgusting body?! The Zi family had already vanished. Things that ceased to exist are impossible to be used as a threat to Ben Wang.”

What was the worst humiliation1 to a woman? It was none other than the person you love telling you that if he was to look upon you, that he wanted to blind himself…

Zi Feng’s body shuddered. She laughed uncontrollably. Tears started to flow as she laughed.

“Zi Huang, I initially thought of letting the both of you off and not do anything else to you two if you were just willing to make love to me for a night. But you are still as ruthless as ever. You shattered my pride and self-esteem. You aren’t even willing to give me a night. Since that is the case, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

She had loved him for so many years. She also knew that she could have cloned her body when she dealt with them, but cloning would require her own foetus so she never made a clone of herself. Otherwise, how could she have previously been killed that easily?

Nonetheless, she had kept her chastity for him for so many years. But he was still as heartless as ever.

Zi Feng chuckled. Her laughter was filled with boundless sorrow and pain. “But Elder brother Zi Huang, I can’t bear to kill you. The one that should die is Mu Ru Yue. She is the one that should die thousands of death so I will have to trap you in this place for a period of time. Once you get out of this place, I will let you personally see your woman having sexual intercourse with other men…”

Suddenly, the ground quaked!

The ground beneath Ye Wu Chen’s feet shook…

Before he could react, the ground caved. Ye Wu Chen moved strength to his feet, but before he could soar to the sky he was buried under the ground.

“Elder Brother Zi Huang, I already predicted long ago that you would come to this place one day so when I was at the peak of my cultivation that year, I discreetly set up this trap. So what if my power is inferior to you now? You will never be able to escape from this trap unless you possess all of your powers from your previous life…”

Zi Feng said sorrowfully, “I was forced to do this so don’t blame me for it. I had even annihilated the Zi family and crippled that brat Zi Qian Jing to obtain you. I will never stop until I reach my goal!”

In the rock cave beneath the ground, Ye Wu Chen raised his brows slightly as though he didn’t hear the words transmitted from aboveground.

“This is just a puny burrow. There is nothing in this world that can trap Ben Wang!”

He brandished his sword after he said that, shooting a purple sword ray of light to the ceiling of the cave…

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  1. I wonder how many worst humiliations Zi Feng suffered from already… She must be a M!

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  1. She even beats Li Yaoyao from DKC as most annoying female and I thought she was tops for a while! When will MRY get around to shredding that wicked, black heart of hers!?!?!?

  2. The only word that came to mind when I read about what that woman proposed is , gross. I can’t believe that she is so freaking clingy and calcuating. Seriously.I just want her to go away .

    Thank you for the translation

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      Maybe it is because of that she can’t give up? Like she might think should I really give up after putting so much time into chasing him… She also did unforgivable acts already. It is too late and difficult for her to turn back anymore~

      Although Zi Feng is irritating, I do believe that there are people like her in this world. I do sympathize her at times, but annoyance usually overwhelms them as she just continues doing things that are so loathsome. It is like she keeps beating someone with the stick and wants the S to like her back… Sigh~ She won’t get what she wants for all eternity.

      Lesson to be learnt: Love isn’t all roses as they have thorns~ You might be lucky to get a rose without thorns, but sadly not everyone does~

  3. The next time they meet, MRY and/or YWC must make sure she can never reincarnate. She’s insane and beyond reason at this point.
    Thanks for the update.

  4. My problem with her is that everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Let them off if Zi Huang sleeps just once with her? Would never want to usurp MRY’s place in his heart, just wanted to be a concubine? Does she think anyone believes this shit? Does she believe this shit? She’s trying to play a zero-sum game but wrongfully representing it as an exchange. Once would never be enough for her. We’ve seen that already. She claims to love YWC but she cares nothing about his happiness or well-being; I can sympathize with the pain of unrequited love, but not with a desire to possess and conquer. Don’t even joke ZF! You don’t want love, you just want to win.

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