EAA Chapter 474


Chapter 474 – Xiao Family’s Plot Part 4

The Third Master of the Xiao family widened his eyes in shock. Did he just say he wasn’t interested in the young mistress of the Yao family? Did he not know what kind of family the Yao family was?

“Xiao Feng, it is fine if you are seeking your own death but don’t implicate our Xiao family. Who do you think you are? The young mistress of the Yao family looks as beautiful as a celestial maiden. She is noble, elegant, and has an outstanding grandeur along with a family background that is so powerful. It is due to the blessings of your past lives that she fancies you. You really don’t know what is best for you!”

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s face turned ashen.

If it were Tian Er, he would have agreed without any hesitation. But this brat didn’t know what was best for him and wanted to reject such a good matter…


“You should know that the Yao family is one of the four main powers of this continent. It wouldn’t suffice even if you had multiple lives to die for rejecting her!”

In the Third Master of the Xiao family’s point of view, if Xiao Feng were to marry Yao Tian Yu, he would be like a toad eating a swan’s meat. Xiao Feng, however, unexpectedly rejected such a good matter.

Had his head been clamped by a door?

“Do you have any other matter? If not, get out of the way!” Xiao Feng shot a cold gaze at the Third Master of the Xiao family as he spoke expressionlessly.

The Third Master of the Xiao family snorted, but still unwillingly moved out of the way. He looked at Xiao Feng departing figure with a grim expression.

“Xiao Feng, you really don’t know what is best for you!”

“Third Master, your subordinate has a suggestion.”


“Third Master, generally, a girl’s chastity is the most important. If Xiao Feng were to do it with the young mistress of the Yao family, would he still not be responsible for her?”

A flicker of light flashed in the Third Master of the Xiao family’s eyes. He patted the man beside him and laughed heartily. “It is a great idea. If I failed in this matter, Lord Yao Jing wouldn’t let me off scot-free and won’t forgive the Xiao family. Hence, I don’t have any other choice but to use this method. However, how can I make them do it? Xiao Feng definitely won’t do it by his own will.”

“This Master, I remember that there is a type of pill that makes a person unable to move while also arousing them. Even a Mystic realm expert won’t be able to withstand the effects of the pill.”

“Will the young mistress of the Yao family be displeased by our actions?”

“That won’t be a difficult problem. We just need to blame it on Xiao Feng. But your subordinate will make a daring guess that since the young mistress of the Yao family wants to marry Xiao Feng, she shouldn’t reject this matter…”

Haha!” The Third Master of the Xiao family laughed. “I will pass this matter on to you. This plan must definitely succeed. Even though I am unwilling for such a good matter to land on Xiao Feng, I can only do so now…”

His expression was dark and the smile on his face intensified as he said that, giving off a sinister aura.

Inside the Pill Tower.

Sunset covered the entire courtyard, painting the land gold-yellow in colour.

Mu Ru Yue swept a gaze at the crowd within the courtyard, slightly scrutinizing them.

The people’s skin had obviously darkened after the month of training. They gave off a more sinister and cold grandeur compared to the previous month.

“These are the Rebirth Pills.”

Mu Ru Yue waved her hand and few pill bottles appeared on her palm.

The crowd’s breath tightened as they started at the pill bottles atop her hand…

“Eldest brother, help me distribute the pills to them. Everyone can only consume one pill.” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she spoke indifferently.

Xiao Feng remained silent and took the pill bottles before distributing them amongst the crowd.

No one hesitated to devour the pill once they had gotten them. Following that, a bout of intense pain was felt, causing their bodies to tremble from the pain.

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  1. Xiao Feng indeed know whats best for him. And its not that girl Yao Tian Yu ( or whoever name she is LOL ) and his sister Mu Ru Yue indeed know who’s the best suitable for Xiao Feng

  2. It’s kind of amusing that Xiao family trying to push this current scenario is actually trying to cut off their avenue to a greater future considering Xiao Feng’s current possibilities are either someone from the direct line of the Yao family(uh… assuming she lives, which is also assured with Mu Ru Yue’s help) or someone from a branch family.

    I think it’s pretty clear which one gives more benefits? 😛 (granted, Xiao family doesn’t know anything about Yao Yun Qing, still amusing)

  3. Xiao family: Any ideas to forcefully get him to tie the knot? S: How about we make a rape pill? X: Genius! S: But how would we even get him to consume it in the first place? X: Never mind that, I say its a good idea so go forward with the rape pill now!

  4. It’s really sad that the first idea that comes to a villain’s mind is some kind of rape or reverse rape. It’s laughably stupid.

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