EAA Chapter 472


Chapter 472- Xiao Family’s Plot Part 2

Hei Zhi belittled Xiao Bai due to his age. He thought the boy was too young and thus, negligible…

“Then have a taste of Xiao Bai’s might.”


Suddenly, a tyrannical aura burst forth from Xiao Bai’s body.


Hei Zhi’s smile gradually disappeared as terror replaced it. His face was pale-white to the point where it seemed it didn’t even have a trace of blood left.

A gale rose, causing his loose white robe to flutter.

Xiao Bai stood within the gale and a illusory white dragon floated behind him. Its enormous body actually broke a hole through the inn’s roof.

“Dragon… that’s a dragon?”

Hei Zhi’s body shuddered.

‘A dragon is a rare creature even in the Central Region. But there is a dragon before me now. Oh god, am I dreaming?’

“Please call me Reverend Lord Divine Dragon!” Xiao Bai’s body gradually floated upward as he looked down at the terrified man.

To humans, dragons were powerful and ruthless. How could they not fear it?


Hei Zhi suddenly kneeled to the ground as he looked up with a pale face at the tiny figure in mid-air. “Rev… Reverend Lord Divine Dragon.”

Mhm! Not bad.” Xiao Bai nodded with satisfaction. “Since you are so obedient, I will give you a clean death. Uncle, don’t offend mother’s friends in the future!”


A heart-wrenching shriek was heard from the man.

His body then lit up with white flames before he could make a plea for mercy. Beneath those flames, the man’s face distorted in agony before he gradually collapsed into ashes.

When a breeze blew past, his ashes burst apart and covered the entire inn…

Xiao Bai dusted his hand and ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd. He shifted his gaze toward Mu Ru Yue and boasted, “Mother, how do you think Xiao Bai fared?”

“Well done.” Mu Ru Yue nodded, smiling.

Xiao Bai’s eyes lit up as he looked pitifully at Mu Ru Yue. “Mother, can you hug Xiao Bai as his reward? Father Wu Chen will never let Xiao Bai be in mother’s embrace.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled helplessly. She then shifted her gaze to Elder Zhang and asked, “Are you alright?”

Elder Zhang still hadn’t gotten back to his senses at that moment.

Shock filled his eyes. It was obvious that he was startled by Xiao Bai’s actions. Could this little fellow be a legendary dragon?

Yet, what stunned Elder Zhang more was that the tyrannical dragon was Mu Ru Yue’s.

Could this girl possibly scare people more?

The entire empire saw Xiao Bai’s illusory dragon during that previous moment, but they didn’t know what really happened. While people were discussing it, another piece of news was being spread.

There was a new influence born in the Empire known as Pill Tower.

The background of Pill Tower was mysterious and the owner of it wasn’t known.

Furthermore, Pill Tower wouldn’t restrict people’s freedom. People could just exchange items for pills. How could such a good matter be believable? Hence, no one decided to join Pill Tower yet. They mostly just kept a watch on it.

The next day, Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze inside Pill Tower and glanced at the hundred people within.

“Eldest brother, are these the people you sought for me?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Feng nodded slightly. “There were all chosen according to your requirement that that they didn’t need to be powerful but still needed to have outstanding innate talent. Every one of these people here are those that aren’t strong, yet their innate talents are sufficient. They just lack nurturing. Moreover, I have already contracted them to a death contract. They will forever be loyal and devoted to Pill Tower for the rest of their life. They will live for the Pill Tower and die for it.”

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  1. People really need to listen better. When someone introduces themselves as a literal dragon, they are probably being honest (only dragons or arrogant fools would bother saying “they are a dragon” and even those arrogant fools wouldn’t threaten an expert who wouldn’t believe them).

  2. Only now he’s convinced that the kid is a serious threat? Did he really not even think of the possibility when the kid suddenly showed up behind him, an Earth realm expert, without him even noticing?

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