EAA Chapter 468


Chapter 468 -Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing Part 3

The black robed man raised his cold sword as he swung it down mercilessly. At this instant, Xiao Feng closed his eyes with a trace of guilt expressed on his cold face.

‘Sister, I am sorry, but your eldest brother won’t be able to continue helping you…’

“Eldest brother!”

Suddenly, an enraged yell was heard close-by. It made Xiao Feng’s body jolt as he gradually opened his eyes…


A white figure entered his sight under the sunlight. The girl’s anger and distressed expression was seen with the man’s eyes…

‘Sister, don’t come over…’

Xiao Feng’s adam’s apple rolled, but no voice was released so he could only use a begging gaze toward the girl that was dashing briskly over.

“Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword!”

A scorching feeling was felt behind the black robed man and the man stopped his action for a short moment. Taking advantage of that moment, Mu Ru Yue moved in a flash before Xiao Feng and embraced his body, dodging that ferocious attack.

Mu Ru Yue hastily forced a pill into Xiao Feng’s mouth before she stood up and looked coldly at the black robed man.


A tyrannical killing intent burst forth and the girl’s eyes were set ablaze from her fervent fury. She said the next words heavily, “Anyone that hurts him dies!”

Haha! Just with your strength as a Xiantian High Rank small fry?” The black robed man laughed brazenly. “You are even worse than your elder brother!”

A puny Xiantian High Rank practitioner had said such outrageous words!

However, he became stupefied in the next moment…

Under the blue sky, several energies gathered and surged toward the white robed girl who was standing in mid air.

Due to the energy being too dense, a tempest rose…

“This… what is happening?” The black robed man was flabbergasted as he looked at Mu Ru Yue who had a glacial gaze.

No one would be able to imagine that this was due to the little fellow in Mu Ru Yue’s womb. When he felt Mu Ru Yue’s anger, he converted them into power that she could absorb. However, it had similarly used up too much of his power and it would be difficult to recover that power…

“Great Master Wu Shan, what is going on?”

Xuan Yuan looked shocked at the stunning sight in the sky within the palace as he turned his head to the elder at his side and asked.

Great Master Wu Shan frowned and shook his head. “I am not sure about that, but it is certain that someone is cultivating and absorbing those powers.”

“Cultivating?” Xuan Yuan’s gaze filled with astonishment. “Who can cultivate to such an extent, gathering so much energy? It seems that the empire hasn’t been peaceful recently…”

Wu Shan didn’t say anything as he looked at the faraway sky and pondered…

In the main street, Mu Ru Yue was looking expressionlessly at the black robed man. That black robed man felt an uneasy feeling at this instant. When he wanted to make his move, the aura from the girl’s body intensified.

‘Xiantian Full Circle realm!

‘She broke through to the Xiantian Full Circle realm…’

The black robed man’s expression turned grim. “Xiantian Full Circle realm? A nineteen years old Xiantian Full Circle realm practitioner? Your talent is indeed exceptional. But so what? I am a Mystic realm expert so how can I be inferior to you?”

He snapped out from his shock as he chuckled and released all of his aura, pressuring Mu Ru Yue.

A gale rose.

The girl stood silently in the gale with her hair fluttering in the wind. A layer of frost seemed to cover her impeccable face…

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