EAA Chapter 467


Chapter 467- Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing Part 2

Suddenly, an arm came from her side and caught her before she landed on the ground. Yao Yun Qing was stunned by the warmth of the other’s chest at this instant as it made her recall her mother from Hua Xia…

Tears blurred her eyes as she looked at the handsome man with a cold expression before her.

“It’s you?”

Yao Yun Qing looked astonished at the man, but she quickly get back to her senses. She then hurriedly shouted, “Quickly get away from here! They are experts at the Mystic realm. You aren’t their match!”


The man didn’t say anything as he shot a cold gaze at the people with boundless killing intents. He said in a voice void of warmth, “You are Yue Er’s friend. No matter how terrible I, Xiao Feng, am, I can’t ignore a feeble girl in distress.”

His words were like a heavy hammer striking at Yao Yun Qing’s heart. At this moment as she leaned against the man’s chest, she unexpectedly felt an unprecedented sense of safety…

No matter if it were in Hua Xia or the Central Region, she had never felt such a feeling before.

It was as though with him before her, those men couldn’t hurt her…

So, this was how it felt to depend on someone…

“Stinky brat, are you seeking death?” The black clothed man burst out laughing. “Since you really want to die with her, I will grant you your wish!”


A tyrannical pressure came over to Xiao Feng, making Xiao Feng’s expression slowly turn grim. His cold eyes became increasingly serious.

They both were of different realms as Xiao Feng was in the Yellow realm while the other was in the Mystic realm. No matter how talented Xiao Feng was, he wouldn’t be a match two experts of the Mystic realm.

“Quickly leave!”

Xiao Feng pushed Yao Yun Qing abruptly away as he pushed her abruptly, sending her flying to a safe position. Yao Yun Qing’s pupil suddenly contracted as she shrieked, alarmed, “No! Don’t!!”


A sword pierced through Xiao Feng’s body and through his back. Fresh red blood instantly sprayed out from his back. Yet, Xiao Feng continued to stand his ground and gripped firmly onto the the sword that had protruded out of his chest. He raised his head to the girl that he had tossed away and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Quickly leave!”

Tears welled out of Yao Yun Qing’s eyes. She extended her hand to touch Xiao Feng, but their distance was too far apart…

“Elder Zhang, Xiao Feng…”

‘Why do I always need someone to protect me? Elder Zhang is fighting against an expert to protect me and now Xiao Feng had been gravely wounded after helping me.

‘Were the foes too powerful or am I too weak?’

Yao Yun Qing’s delicate face was pale-white. Intense killing intent filled her heart at this moment. The intensity of her killing intent was unprecedented…

‘If I don’t die this time, I will make that man pay a thousand fold for this! Even if I were to chop his corpse into tiny fragments, it will still be insufficient to quell my anger!’

“Release your hand!”

The black robed man’s expression changed drastically as he looked at the man holding onto the sword that had protruded out from his back. He then yelled, “You want to die? Quickly release your hand!”

Xiao Feng continued to grip on the sword as blood flowed out from his palm. He smirked as he looked at the sword before him and proclaimed, “I won’t let you pursue after her. Cough! Cough!

He coughed drily and a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth. His body finally softened as both of his legs gave way, making him kneel heavily onto the ground.


The black robed man forcefully extracted the sword out from the man’s body. Blood surged forth like spring water, staining Xiao Feng’s clothings red.

“Since you want to die so badly, I will give you the final strike.”

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  1. Would it really be Xiao Feng that showed up? He should still be with Mu Ru Yue and old beggar at the restaurant.

    I have a feeling it would be Ye Wu Chen, coming to pick up his wife and just happening to see his wife’s friend being accosted…

    1. She said “handsome man with a cold expression”, not “devastatingly handsome to the point of destroying whole countries man with a domineering and tyrannical like a king looking down upon the world expression”, it can’t be Ye Wu Chen…

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