EAA Chapter 455


Chapter 455 -Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist Part 4

“Yan Fei, what do you want to do?” The Third Master of the Xiao family asked with gritted teeth as he glared furiously at Yan Fei.

“I don’t want anything much. I just want you to call out that brat Xiao Feng and the girl beside him for me!”

“You are referring to Xiao Feng and his younger sister?” The Third Master of the Xiao family was stunned before a sinister ray of light flickered in his eyes.

“That’s right!” Yan Fei raised his lower jaw and chuckled. “Those two bastards dared to hurt my son, making my son be only able to make barking sounds when he speaks. I will have those two bastard repay back multiple folds!”


The Third Master of the Xiao family chuckled.

The heavens were helping him. He initially thought that no one would be able to deal with them…

“Why are you laughing?” Yan Fei glared at him and asked fumingly.

“About that… Head of the Yan family, don’t worry. I, the Third Master, am the most fair person. How can I let your family be in such grief? I will immediately call those two brother and sister out for you to punish them.”

‘Most fair?’

Yan Fei felt that the Third Master of the Xiao family was shameless, but he didn’t say anything as he came here for those two…

Hmm! It is rather rowdy here.”

An elderly voice was suddenly heard from the back.

The Third Master of the Xiao family looked over and saw Chen Fan and an elder coming over. When he saw the elder, he was elated and went forth to greet them. “Great Master Wu Shan and General Chen, why have you come? Great Master, are you here for Tian Er?”

“Oh…?” Wu Shan dragged that word out. To be honest, Xiao Tian was already crippled and his way of life was way too much. He was a talent, but he never liked that disciple.

How could he come for him then?

“What happened here?” Wu Shan frowned as he shot a prideful gaze at Yan Fei.

“It is like this, Great Master Wu Shan.” The Third Master of the Xiao family explained, “Xiao Feng and his younger sister Xiao Ru Yue injured the son of the head of the Yan family. The head of the Yan family is here to avenge his son. I, the Third Master of the Xiao family, am the most fair person. I planned to seek justice for Yan Wei.”

Since Mu Ru Yue told Chen Fan her original name, they both didn’t know she was the one they were referring to…

Wu Shan frowned with anxiousness gradually expressed in his eyes.

He had fed the Fourth Prince his Dissolving Bone Pill just now. The Fourth Prince’s poison had indeed intensified. If it wasn’t for that backup, when His Majesty ordered people to prepare some blood of the Flame Wolf for the safety of his son’s life…

Wu Shan had lost this time and lost willingly. His arrogance vanished at that moment. He couldn’t help but come to apologise to Mu Ru Yue for the Fourth Prince’s life…

Guilt was expressed on Wu Shan’s face as he had nearly killed the Fourth Prince with his pill. He remained silent for a while before he said, “I have come to your Xiao family to look for a person.”

“Looking for a person?” The Third Master of the Xiao family was stunned. “I wonder who Great Master Wu Shan is looking for…”

“Oh, it is a lady with the surname Mu.”

“Surname Mu? But our Xiao family does not have anyone with the surname Mu…”

“No?” Wu Shan frowned as he turned his head to Chen Fan. “General Chen, what is going on?”

Chen Fan also didn’t know why she wasn’t in the Xiao family. He shook his head and said, “That lady told me she was staying in the Xiao family. How can she not be here?”

Hehe!” The Third Master of the Xiao family chuckled dryly. “Great Master Wu Shan and General Chen, have you heard wrongly? Our Xiao family indeed does not have any person with the surname Mu…”

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  1. This is getting interesting. Would Wu Shan and Gen Chen stay and investigate? Would there still be a fight? Would Yan live another day? Thanks for the update.

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