EAA Chapter 449


Chapter 449- I Will Be Responsible For You Part 7

“Yue Er, since he is your eldest brother, I will temporarily believe that he didn’t do it on purpose. But…” Yao Yun Qing glared at Xiao Feng and continued, “Brat, I don’t want you to be responsible to me. Don’t even think about it.”

Xiao Feng looked expressionlessly at Yao Yun Qing before he replied coldly, “Alright.”

Yao Yun Qing was speechless as she widened her eyes.

‘He… agreed? Well it is a good thing as I don’t want him to harass me…’


Mu Ru Yue saw their interaction, but didn’t say anything.

They had both suffered heartbreaks before.

One had her younger sister ally with her then-boyfriend to betray her, while the other was tossed aside mercilessly by a girl he loved. Thus, if they wanted to open their hearts again, they had a long way to go…

“Yue Er, we were just discussing dining in a restaurant. How about we all head there now?” Yao Yun Qing held Mu Ru Yue’s hand and spoke with a smile as dazzling as sunlight.

Mu Ru Yue was dazed for a moment before she nodded. “Alright.”

When Yao Yun Qing opened the door into a luxurious private room in the Long Tai Restaurant, an old man, enjoying his drink, turned his head toward her. With a smile on his elderly face, he said, “Eldest young mistress, you have returned?”

“Uncle Zhang, let me introduce you to two people.” Yao Yun Qing smiled as she continued, “This is Mu Ru Yue who I had mentioned to you before, while the other is her elder brother.”

“Oh?” Zhang Lin stood up gradually and chuckled. “So you are Lady Mu. I want to thank you for taking care of my family’s young mistress during the time she was in the academy. The young mistress loves to have fun so she went to the Central Region Academy by herself. I don’t know if she had created some trouble while she was there.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze narrowed slightly as she sized Zhang Lin up.

‘This old man’s cultivation is really high. He is superior to Luo Yin’s… Yet, such an expert is just a subordinate of Yun Qing?

‘What identity does Yun Qing have?’

Of course, Zhang Lin was also inspecting her as Mu Ru Yue was sizing him up.

‘It is undeniable that the young mistress sight is good. Her two companions seems extraordinary, especially the lady. Her grandeur is at least the same or even greater than the head of the family.

“To this guest, this room is truly occupied. You…”

Words of persuasion was heard outside the room.


However, the door of the room was kicked open before that person could be successfully persuaded.

Zhang Lin’s expression turned grim as he shot a gloomy gaze at the person at the entrance.

“I will see who dares to occupy my place!”

A youth in embroidered clothing smirked. When he swept a gaze in the room, he was first stunned when his gaze landed on Xiao Feng. He then burst out laughing. “Haha! I thought of who could it be? Isn’t this Xiao Feng of the Xiao family? I heard that he is also the descendant of that trash Xiao Yun. Tsk! Tsk! I don’t know why the Xiao family allowed such a trash to enter their family. If it was our Yan family, we definitely wouldn’t have let him take even a step into the family!”

Xiao Feng’s expression stayed cold. He wasn’t stirred up by his words.

Xiao Feng lowered his head and neared Mu Ru Yue as he whispered,“Yan Wei of the Yan family.”

“This guest, you really cannot…”


The waiter hadn’t finished his piece and was slapped by Yan Wei. Yan Wei shouted angrily, “You dared to meddle with my matters? Do you know who I am? I am a person under the Second Prince. How many heads do you have that you could stop me?”

He turned his head toward Xiao Feng after he said that. He then sniggered. “My advise to all of you is to leave immediately. This room is dedicated to me. Otherwise, the Second Prince won’t let you off.”

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