EAA Chapter 447


Chapter 447 -I Will Be Responsible For You Part 5

A girl sat crossed-legged within a room. The dense energy in her surroundings was like a fog. She opened her eyes and sighed briefly.

She was certain that the child in her womb was extraordinary after the last couple days of cultivation. Some of the energies apart from those that she had absorbed had entered her womb and was similarly absorbed by something…

“I wonder what the origin of this child is.” Mu Ru Yue caressed her flat lower abdomen. With a trace of anxiety in her eyes, she commented, “I don’t know if his coming will be a blessing or a misfortune. But even if he is a devil, he is still my son. I won’t let anyone hurt him!”

Mu Ru Yue suddenly thought about the little fellow being locked up by Nangong ZI Feng. Her heart tinged with slight pain.


‘I don’t know where that little fella is. Luo Yin had searched the entire continent for her, but he still couldn’t find his location…’

Inside the luxurious imperial palace, it was sinisterly quiet. A man in a golden dragon robe sat on the edge of the bed, his deep gaze focused on the youth before him.

“General Chen, you said there is someone that can treat my son?”

Chen Fan nodded as he replied, “To Your Majesty, the lady had personally said it. I had also dispatched people to gather all of the medicinal ingredients. We just need to wait for her to invite her master to treat His Highness.”

“What is the origin of that lady?” Xuan Yuan frowned and queried with seriousness expressed on his face, “Can we trust her? It is better that there are fewer people that know my son has been poisoned with the Corpse Worm Poison.”

Hearing that, Chen Fan remained silent for a while before he replied, “She seems to be someone from the Xiao family.”

“Xiao family?”

“That’s right. She told me to seek for her at the Xiao family after I gathered all of the medicinal ingredients. But she doesn’t know the Fourth Prince’s identity. Your Majesty, we can completely invite her to another place outside of the palace. This is the last hope for Fourth Prince…”

Xuan Yuan’s expression slowly turned grim as he sighed. “The power of the Xiao family has been increasing these past years. It makes We worry about the Xiao family. I had always been subtly pressuring on them. If the Xiao family really treats my son, We don’t know how to deal with the Xiao family…”

Chen Fan cupped his fists slightly as he replied, “Your Majesty, there are indeed many ambitious members in the Xiao family, but the current head of the Xiao family just likes to wander about without any ambition. Thus, regarding the Xiao family, the successor of the Xiao family will be key in dealing with the Xiao family in the future. Your Majesty is a wise king so you should naturally know how to deal with it.”

The power of the Xiao family had indeed increased tremendously these past years. It wasn’t illogical for His Majesty to be worried…

Along the main street of Capital City, several horse carriages roamed about. The bustling scene made people sigh in amazement.

Xiao Feng looked at the girl beside him with smiles in his eyes. He no longer had that perpetual coldness expressed on his carving-like face. Faint light danced in his deep eyes.

“Eldest brother, when do you plan to head back? Father and Mother must be really worried for you.” Mu Ru Yue turned her head to look at the man as she asked.

“I will head back once you leave the Xiao family. I don’t feel safe leaving you alone here. There isn’t a limit to what the Third Master of the Xiao family can do.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t speak any further after hearing that. She raised her head to look at the sky as she said calmly, “Relax. I will leave this place soon. I have many other important matters to attend to after all…”

A voice, full of surprise, was heard in front of them as they chatted.

“Yue Er, why are you here?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned. She couldn’t help but look up after hearing those words. A familiar face immediately entered her sight…

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