EAA Chapter 441


Chapter 441-Brother And Sister Reunion Part 8

The Third Master of the Xiao family didn’t say anything further and just looked grimly at Xiao Feng. On the other hand, Xiao Feng remained emotionless since the start and kept up his glacial gaze.

It was as though he didn’t place any importance on the Third Master of the Xiao family from the beginning.

His arrogant attitude made the Third Master of the Xiao family fume.

‘If it wasn’t for father protecting this brat, I definitely wouldn’t have let him off this easily…


‘There will be a day where I will kill this brat to the point that he will die without even a burial site.’

“Moreover…” Xiao Bai Xuan paused for a moment before smiling coldly at the Third Master of the Xiao family. “I had never heard that an arm had to be suitable, even though I am not an alchemist. Since you said Great Master Wu Shan said that, I may have to verify this with him.”

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s body trembled as he looked shocked at Xiao Bai Xuan.

‘Was this still his father? Why does he continue to help an outsider then?!

‘That’s right, I indeed made this up. My goal was to make several of the elders side with me to pressure him. These elders certainly won’t reject for the sake of the Xiao family.

‘But I didn’t expect Xiao Bai Xuan would be this harsh, not giving me the slightest face…’

“Xiao Feng, let’s go.”

Xiao Bai Xuan turned his body to the man beside him and said that.

The man nodded coldly as he followed Xiao Bai Xuan out of the room without giving the rest a glance back.

Inside the courtyard, the autumn breeze blew by and the leaves of the maple gradually floated down.

Xiao Bai Xuan turned his head to look at the man with that cold expression and said, “Xiao Feng, I’ve already found your younger sister’s location…”

Instantly, a trace of excitement was finally expressed on the man’s cold face.

He turned his body to face Xiao Bai Xuan. Perhaps it was due to his excitement as his voice sounded a little hoarse when he queried, “What did you say?”

“I saw your little sister in the Central Region Academy. It is undeniable that the little girl is a genius.” Xiao Bai Xuan continued with a smile, “She managed to defeat Lin Ruo Ying, who was at the Xiantian High Rank, when she was just at the Xiantian Mid Rank. Moreover, she is also an Earth Stage High Rank alchemist…”

Xiao Feng’s breath tightened as excitement was expressed in his eyes.

‘So she is at the Central Region Academy. No wonder I couldn’t find her until now…’

“You say she is an Earth Stage High Rank alchemist?” Xiao Feng frowned as he showed a trace of doubt in his eyes as he explained, “Yue Er should be at the Earth Stage Peak Rank. Are you sure you hadn’t gotten the wrong person?”

Xiao Bai Xuan’s expression stiffened as he widened his eyes with astonishment.

“An Earth Stage Peak Rank alchemist? Only powerful factions in the Central Region possess such a talent. That girl is really at the Peak Rank?”

‘Didn’t the old fellow Luo Yin say she was at the Earth Stage High Rank ?’

“Xiao Feng, I indeed found the right person.” Xiao Bai Xuan swallowed his saliva as he said in shock.

He originally thought that the little girl was at the same level as Xiao Tian. He didn’t expect her to be superior to him…

Hehe! The little girl is worthy to be the descendant of Xiao Yun. You too are similarly worthy.” Xiao Bai Xuan couldn’t help to laugh. It would be a wonder what expression those fools would make when they knew of the little girl’s innate talent…

“I want to go to the Central Region Academy.”

Xiao Feng suppressed his stirred heart as he said in a hoarse voice.

“No need.” Xiao Bai Xuan shook his head before continuing, “The little girl should be arriving rather soon to find you here. Thus, you shouldn’t leave this place for the time being, else she would have trouble finding you when she comes.”

Xiao Feng nodded as he felt what Xiao Bai Xuan said was logical and agreed, “Alright, I will wait here for her.”

“That’s right…” Glimmers flickered in Xiao Bai Xuan’s eyes before he turned to look at Xiao Feng. “The capital seems a little unsteady lately. You should take care of yourself.”

A spark of light appeared in Xiao Feng’s eyes, but he remained silent…

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  1. Hmmm… I remember another set that never had the payoff. It was instead in another group of chapters that came after that set ended and the one behind it as well! Lol! At least it’s still entertaining!

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