EAA Chapter 440


Chapter 440 -Brother And Sister Reunion Part 7

“Xiao Feng, you have to agree to this even if you are unwilling!”

At that moment, every elder stood up as they glared fixedly at the man before them.

Suddenly, an angered voice reverberated to the horizon was heard from outside the room. “I will see how you dare to amputate his arm!”

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s body shuddered as astonishment was expressed in his eyes when he heard that familiar voice.


‘Why is the old man back?’

The discussion room’s door was pushed open. An elder moved in a flash to enter the room under the crowd’s gaze.

Xiao Bai Xuan’s eyes were filled with fury as he looked at the crowd with ashened faces.

“I just left for a short period of time and all of you are getting out of control? You dared to try touch the person that I brought into the family? Who gave you the guts?”

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s expression gradually recovered. He then replied with gritted teeth, “Father, I don’t have any alternate choice. Tian Er is your grandson. It can’t be that you are just going to see his future being ruined, right? Xiao Feng is just an outsider. Moreover, he will still be completely fine after losing an arm.”

Hmph!” Xiao Bai Xuan snorted coldly. “Someone reported the incident to me once I entered the capital. Xiao Tian sought his own misfortune by trying to steal a cub of a Berserk Tiger, resulting in the Berserk Tiger biting off his arm in its fury. If it wasn’t for his good luck, he would have already died. That Berserk Tiger is a Xiantian High Rank magical beast. It is not just a little stronger than him. Yet, he dared to steal the cub that was under it. If that is not seeking death, then what is? Nothing can be blamed if that kind of person died.”

The Third Master of the Xiao family muttered, “Father, Tian Er is your biological grandson. Why do I feel that you just want him to die? Furthermore, you keep siding with this outsider…”

“Do you know what that brat is doing outside of the family?” Xiao Bai Xuan’s expression was cold as he explained, “If he wasn’t the young master of the Xiao family, he probably would have been killed by his enemies countless hundred times already. Do you know what he had been doing these years? He oppresses and robs people. For what reason do you think is keeping him alive until now? If this continues, he will eventually provoke a person that even the Xiao family cannot afford to offend! Since that’s the case, isn’t it better for him to die by himself, rather than create problems outside the family?!”

What Xiao Bai Xuan said was right. Tian Er had been doing a lot of things by taking advantage of the Xiao family’s power these years. But who destined for him to be in the Xiao family? Hence, who dared to rebuke him?

“Father!” The Third Master of the Xiao family turned serious and replied through gritted teeth, “You don’t dote on Tian Er, but I do. No matter what, I won’t let Tian Er’s innate talent go to waste. Even if you don’t help him due to him being your grandson, you should do it on behalf of the Xiao family. It has been so many years since a talented alchemist existed in the Xiao family. If Tian Er can really reach the Earth Stage Peak Rank level before he is twenty, he will then have a smoothly flowing future. How can you let him be ruined?”

‘Alchemy innate talent?’

Mu Ru Yue’s figure entered Xiao Bai Xuan’s mind.

The little girl was similarly an alchemy genius, but she also had tyrannical martial strength…

“Enough!” Xiao Bai Xuan frowned as he continued without a trace of warmth in his voice, “Xiao Tian is your son. Can it be that Xiao Feng came out from a stone? Isn’t he someone’s son as well? I will tell all of you this. I will see who dares to touch a single strand of his hair while I, Xiao Bai Xuan, am holding the fort!”

That’s right, Xiao Tian was indeed a talent, but his martial innate talent was inferior to Xiao Feng and his alchemy was inferior to Mu Ru Yue. Thus, he really didn’t know what in him qualified for the family to have Xiao Feng sacrifice an arm for him…

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