EAA Chapter 439


Chapter 439 -Brother And Sister Reunion Part 6

Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes before she nodded slightly. “Alright.”

She didn’t know when she could reach the imperial capital with her current speed. Since someone was willing to bring her there, why not?

“We will continue to travel now.” The middle-aged man waved his hand and commanded lordly.

No matter what, this lady’s master was perhaps their final hope…


The Empire of Feng Yun.

A glorious scene could be observed within the luxurious imperial capital.

Currently, Xiao Feng looked coldly at the elders in the Xiao family’s discussion room. His carving-like face became increasingly cold. He didn’t say anything as he just looked at them. His silent appearance intensified the tense atmosphere.

“Xiao Feng, Tian Er has been taken a fancy by a Great Master Wu Shan wanted to recruit him as his disciple. But his arm had been eaten by a magical beast when he was gathering medicinal plants. If he didn’t have both arms, he won’t be able to continue refining pills. The Great Master Wu Shan had screened through the entire Xiao family and found that only your arm is suitable for Tian Er. He is the hope of our XIao family so we can only sacrifice you. Don’t worry. Our Xiao family won’t mistreat you. We will request Great Master Wu Shan to give you a Mundane Stage Low rank pill after that.”

The Third Master of the Xiao Family looked painfully at Xiao Feng, but he used an ordering tone when he said that.

“That’s right. Xiao Feng, young master Tian is an irreplaceable talented alchemists in our Xiao family. Great Master Wu Shan said that he can reach the Earth Stage Peak Rank when he is twenty. Who knew that young master Tian would meet with this calamity? Xiao Feng, you have just entered the Xiao family. As a member of the Xiao family, we will have to trouble you with this.”

“A Mundane Stage Low Rank pill is already the limit you can be compensated with. A person mustn’t be greedy. Otherwise, it will lead to your downfall.”

The elders constantly took turns to try and persuade him.

Xiao Tian was a talent of the Xiao family. He broke through to the Xiantian at a tender age and even had a talent in alchemy. He was just eighteen and had already become an Earth Stage High Rank alchemist. They anticipated that he would reach the Peak Rank when he became twenty. Who knew such a tragic incident would occur…

Xiao Feng was just a descendant of the trash Xiao Yun. He shouldn’t even be able to return to the Xiao family. The family head pitied you and allowed you to return so you should be gratified for his action. Now that it was the time to repay our Xiao family, how could you decline?

Moreover, it was just an arm and he wasn’t an alchemist. An arm was enough for a martial practitioner. No matter what, the talent of our Xiao family was more important than him.

Even if the family head were present, how could he not help his own grandson?

Xiao Feng’s expression turned increasingly cold. With a domineering aura,  he rebuked, “How does Xiao Tian relate to me? He reaped what he sowed to lose one of his arms.”

The crowd was startled as they didn’t expect Xiao Feng to decline their request and instantly berated him,

“Xiao Feng, you should know your place. Our Xiao family has taken care of you for so many days and even dispatched people to help you seek a person. You didn’t hesitate to reject our request? It is just an arm and it isn’t like we aren’t compensating you. What more do you want?”

Looking at these people faces, Xiao Feng disdained them inwardly.

In their point of view, they didn’t care to sacrifice as many people as they need to in order to facilitate Xiao Tian’s recovery. However, why should he sacrifice for them?

Sorry, but he really couldn’t do this matter.

“If you don’t have anything else, I will bid my farewell.” Xiao Feng glanced coldly at the disgusting faces as he said icily.

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s expression changed. Suddenly, he chuckled coldly.

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