EAA Chapter 433


Chapter 433 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 6

That’s right, in Lan Yue’s point of view she had lost due to her bad luck…

Lan Yue smirked gradually and sniggered as she said, “Did you know that Feng Jing begged me to tell him my purpose for spreading the rumours before, and he even asked for me to stop hurting you. He reached the point where he even knelt before me…”

‘Mu Ru Yue, I definitely won’t let your relationships go smoothly! Everything that Feng Jing Tian does for you will always be a thorn in your heart and create misunderstandings in your relationship!’

“Have you said your piece?”


Mu Ru Yue suppressed her stirred-up heart before looking at Lan Yue. Her expression was as calm and collected as usual, not showing her actual feelings.

It would be the best counterattack to a person like Lan Yue…

“Mu Ru Yue, how can you be so unmoved?” Lan Yue yelled crazily. “Feng Jing Tian, a guy that is so prideful, dropped his pride to kneel before me for you. How can you be unmoved? You are just a heartless person. He had seen you wrongly.”

Mu Ru Yue looked indifferently at Lan Yue as she replied casually, “I won’t let your desires come through. You want to disrupt the relationship between Wu Chen and I by saying that, but it is a pity that it won’t come true. So what if I was moved by Feng Jing Tian? Wu Chen will not leave me due to that. It’s destined that you would fail.”

How could anyone understand their pain-filled, bone-carved, and heart-engraved feelings when they finally stabilized their relationship. How could anyone know this if they didn’t know of their past?

Mu Ru Yue admitted that she was moved. Yet, so what if she were moved by the enchanter-like man? No matter what others did for her, all of her love would only be for one man.

Lan Yue laughed brazenly. Tears welled out from her eyes as she laughed.

“Mu Ru Yue, I am indeed inferior to you in wisdom. I admit that I lost now. I definitely can’t be unmoved in all situations.”

But Mu Ru Yue could.

No matter if it were being mocked as an imposter of Senior Yue and even as they wanted to extract her soul, there wasn’t a trace of fear in that woman’s eyes.

All that stayed in her eyes was tranquility and confidence.

Similarly, she wouldn’t be stirred up by just the words of others…

Lan Yue’s body was cremated under the flames. When a breeze blew, her ash covered every corner of the academy…

When the girl’s gaze shot over to Fu Li, he shuddered vigorously. His power was similar to Lan Yue’s. If she wanted to kill him, it would be similarly easy.

Qi Rong’s elderly face was twitching slightly. She still couldn’t accept what had happened until now.

Luo Yin laughed heartily before he walked toward Mu Ru Yue without even giving a glance at Qi Rong. He then said, “Little girl, I give you my congratulations. Congrats!”

Mu Ru Yue smiled at him, but when she put away the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword, a wave of dizziness swept over. She just felt that her sight became fuzzy before her body collapsed toward the ground.

Suddenly, a pair of hands embraced her. Ye Wu Chen hugged the young girl tightly in his embrace before he exclaimed nervously, “Mu Er!!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t give him any response and just laid silently in his embrace.

Instantly, intense fury raged in Ye Wu Chen’s heart. With a sinister aura emitted from his purple eyes, he proclaimed, “If something happens to Mu Er, Ben Wang will kill everyone in the academy for her!”


A tyrannical aura burst forth from his body, alarming Luo Yin to the point that his body couldn’t help but tremble. He looked timidly at Mu Ru Yue and tried to salvage the situation by saying, “She isn’t hurt. Song Ran is an alchemist. How about letting him check her body’s condition…”

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  1. So at this point I think every enemy should have their soul destroyed, because as we have CLEARLY learned unless you destroy the soul they tend to cause you problems throughout NUMEROUS reincarnations.

    Also thanks for the chapter Miki. 😉

  2. Wait, Mu Ru Yue is moved by Feng Jian Tian? The same person that kept her prisoner and put her in danger. The whole reason Lan Yue wanted to kill MRY was because of FJT.

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