EAA Chapter 431


Chapter 431 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 4

Fu Li, who stood at a side, was so stupefied that he forgot to run away when he had the chance. He looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue, his mouth opened uselessly as he was speechless…


At this moment, Mu Ru Yue felt as though her entire body was being torn apart. The pain made her body shudder, but she bit her lips in order to not let any sound escape from her mouth.

This feeling was as though a rampaging power were circulating through her meridians before it entered her dantian. Her dantian swelled from the gathering of this power.


Mu Ru Yue really suspected that her dantian would explode from being unable to absorb all of the power…

When she reached her limit, the pain that felt as though her body were going to explode vanished. A soothing feeling replaced it.


A tyrannical power surged out from the top of her head and circulated in the sky. When the crowd saw that power, they were stunned.

She had broken through!

She had directly broken through to the Xiantian High Rank after contracting the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword.

Lan Yue retreated two steps with regret in her eyes. She really shouldn’t have brought the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword over. She thought that the jade ring would be able to seal its power, but she didn’t expect that it would fall into her opponent’s hands…

But nothing could be done even if she regretted. This was all due to her terrible luck.

“Ancestor…” Glimmers flickered in Qi Rong’s eyes. Just as she wanted to ask the two elders, she saw the two elders’ eyes lit up as they looked at Mu Ru Yue. There was even obvious excitement that could be seen in their eyes.

That’s right, it was indeed excitement!

Even the cold-faced Hui Ying had excitement in his eyes.

“Senior Yue,” Hong Yun looked at Mu Ru Yue with grief. “This brat Luo Yin said that you have come to the academy for a long time already. Why did you refuse to see us? We could only come out to see you then.”

‘Senior Yue?’

Qi Rong’s expression stilled.

‘She is Senior Yue? What have I done? I wanted to pass the genuine Senior Yue’s soul to an imposter Senior Yue?’

Her elderly body shook tremendously. Qi Rong wished that her body’s condition was worse so that she could faint…

Fu Li was even more frightened compared to Qi Rong. His pale face looked at Mu Ru Yue. Unprecedented regret filled his heart at this moment.

He regretted taking in a disciple like Lin Ruo Yin. More importantly, he regretted wanting to seek revenge on Mu Ru Yue… Since she was Senior Yue, the entire Central Region Academy was her territory. Don’t even speak about killing a person, even if she wanted to kill a hundred, nobody would dare to say anything about her.

But what did they do in the end?

Fu Li stiffly turned his head to look at Song Ran’s expression before he smiled bitterly. From that old man’s calm appearance, he probably already knew about this matter.

He was the only one kept in the dark.

“You are looking for me?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose before she shifted her gaze to Hong Yun and continued, “But I don’t remember who you are…”

Hong Yun’s expression was as though he was on the verge of crying. “Senior Yue, I am your loyal subordinate, Hong Yun. I only aged a little. I still have outstanding, free and easy attitude from a thousand years ago.”

A thousand years had passed. They had aged long ago, but she continued to look as beautiful as a thousand years ago…

“Eh…” Mu Ru Yue shook her head. “I don’t know anything about my past. Are you looking for me for something?”

“Actually… actually, it is nothing major.” Hong Yun chuckled. “I just want to meet you and also wanted to know if Zi Huang is back by your side.”

‘Zi Huang?’

At this instant, everyone’s gaze landed on Mu Ru Yue, including Luo Yin and Song Ran.

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  1. Wu Chen isn’t here anymore to ease the pain (though maybe the old men can?) of having a contract with such a powerful artifact, but she should ultimately be fine as it wants to contract her, her cultivation is relatively high (still insufficient but should be enough), and she is the MC and reincarnation of its previous master. Just work through the pain to break through the wall. After that is just one more step to be Full Circle (I think) and have the shota dragon be able to walk around from book (was mentioned that she has to be at least that strong for him to be able to have a little more freedom from the book).

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