EAA Chapter 426


Chapter 426 -Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 8

What Luo Yin said was right. She had forgotten about this point from the start. No matter if the physical body changed, her soul would remain the same.

The real Senior Yue would not harm any innocent person.

“What Lord Dean said is right.” Lan Yue smiled gently. She then changed her gaze to Mu Ru Yue. At that moment, cold killing intents surged in her blue eyes. “I have a grudge with this woman and it is an absolutely irreconcilable grudge! I chose her as, firstly, her soul matched my requirement. Secondly, she previously annihilated my entire family. Doesn’t this count to have a grudge as deep as the ocean? What is wrong then to kill her? What I cared the most from my past and present lives is my family. I can die, but they can’t die. But this woman took the lives of my Lan family when I wasn’t home. Why should I let her keep her life then?”

Mu Ru Yue ignored all of her words, excluding one of the statements. She shot a strange gaze to Lan Yue.


‘She can die, but her family can’t?

‘At that time, who was it that abandoned her parents’ life to escape once she was in danger? Moreover, she didn’t tell them so that she can leave successfully.

‘Why is she expressing such an emotion as though she cared about her family?

‘If I didn’t know about this, I will probably be fooled by her…’

“I also know about this.” Qi Rong nodded. “Lan Yue’s family had indeed been annihilated. Luo Yin, what do you have to say now? There is a phrase ‘if you don’t court death, you won’t die’. She is seeking her own death!”

After hearing what Lan Yue said, the doubts in Qi Rong’s heart vanished. Mu Ru Yue wasn’t innocent. There wasn’t anything wrong with Lan Yue’s actions. It was all due to Mu Ru Yue’s action.

Lan Yue’s tone was so similar to Senior Yue as well.

Who else but her can be Senior Yue? That girl that annihilated another family for her benefits?

Qi Rong smirked. Such a selfish and conceited girl dared to make Luo Yin help her impersonate the title of Senior Yue.

It had to also see if she had the capability.

Luo Yin’s expression turned ashen. He glared angrily at Qi Rong. “No matter what, I definitely won’t allow you to do such an outrageous action!”

Qi Rong sniggered. “This isn’t up to you!”

“About this…” Fu Li chuckled sinisterly before looking at Mu Ru Yue, who was at the side. He then said coldly, “I have some words to say. Dean, you shouldn’t care about this matter. Senior Yue needs to devour her soul to increase her mental powers. It is Mu Ru Yue’s fortune. In this case, she can become Senior Yue’s power. It is a honour that several people hope to get. She can even reach the peak of cultivation with Senior Yue. How great would that be? With your words, you are hindering her from increasing her status. If you think about it, once she becomes one with Senior Yue’s body, doesn’t it mean she will have the same status as Senior Yue?”

Luo Yin laughed from being angered before he yelled in fury, “Alright, Elder Fu Li, since you think so much about glory, how about you yourself be consumed by her?”

Hehe!” Fu Li chuckled dryly. “I also wish to, but my soul doesn’t match.”

‘What a joke! Only a fool would be willing to give his life away!’

“Enough. All of you stop saying anything further.” Qi Rong turned her gaze to Mu Ru Yue and said in a strict tone, “You must be sacrificed for our academy. Don’t worry. I will find another soul for you so your husband won’t be lonely…”

Luo Yin wanted to say something, but at this moment, there was a fluctuation in energy from the far back mountains. He instantly withdrew the anger on his face and exclaimed happily, “The ancestors have come out from closed door training!”

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  1. “This woman wiped out my entire family!” Now wait a minute…something smells wrong here, and I don’t just mean the load of crap she just spewed from her mouth. >.>

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