EAA Chapter 425


Chapter 425 -Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 7

Qi Rong seemed to have anticipated Luo Yin’s response so she said casually, “Luo Yin, don’t worry. I had thought it through. I will capture an animal’s soul and insert it into her body. It definitely won’t be discovered nor would it lead to the downfall of the academy’s reputation.”

Luo Yin was stunned as he shot an unbelievable gaze at Qi Rong.

When did his senior become so foreign?

She was previously unreasonable, but she wouldn’t do such sinful acts. What about now? She didn’t mind hurting an innocent person for the greed of benefits. Moreover, that person was a disciple of the academy. If it were her in the past, she definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.


What in the world changed his senior?

“Luo Yin, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I don’t have a choice. How glorious was the academy in the past? It was the top power in the Central Region. But currently, it has dropped a lot. If Senior Yue were to return, why would our academy be under the Medicine Sect? I must do this for our academy.”

That’s right, everything she did was for the Central Region Academy. She didn’t care about anything else.

She wouldn’t regret sacrificing several people.

“Luo Yin, do you think I wouldn’t know even if the world doesn’t? Our academy is indeed powerful in the eyes of the people in the Central Region as it has a lot of connections with several powers. Moreover, with a summon, several powers would be willing to help us. However, if we are compared to the powers, we are only a drop in the ocean. If Senior Yue is around, this matter won’t occur. I had enough of it. I can’t stand the mockery of those powers so I can’t not do this.”

Luo Yin’s body shuddered. He closed his eyes slowly. When he reopened it, resolution filled it as he said, “Qi Rong, I won’t allow you to do it!”


“The reason is really simple. Mu Ru Yue is the genuine Senior Yue.”

The secret chamber became pin drop silent again for a short moment. Following that, laughters broke the tranquility. Qi Rong smirked mockingly and with disdain in her eyes, she said, “Luo Yin, I’ve said this before that such a lie is useless to me. If she is Senior Yue, who is Lady Lan Yue then? How can she be compared to Lady Mu Ru Yue?”

“You…” Luo Yin paused for a moment before he pointed furiously at Qi Rong. “This matter can be determined by the ancestor!”


A stifled laughter was heard from his side.

Fu Li chuckled coldly and with a mocking tone, he said, “Didn’t you recently say that the ancestor entered closed door training? They can’t come out now so you can say such words. If you are that capable, you can call them out. Haha!

This damnable girl was finally going to die. He was really grateful to Lan Yue and Qi Rong for assisting him in avenging his disciple! Nobody would be blamed for this matter. It was all her bad luck for having a soul that she shouldn’t have…

Luo Yin’s expression changed as a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He couldn’t enter the back mountain now so how could he report this to the ancestors?

“Qi Rong, I have a really simple reason.” Luo Yin secretly gritted his teeth as he looked toward Qi Rong and commented, “Senior Yue killed countless people and her hands were stained in blood, but she never killed an innocent person. All she killed were people that should be killed. However, Lan Yue wanted to kill an innocent person for her benefits. How can the real Senior Yue do that? With this point, it can prove that she isn’t Senior Yue.”

Qi Rong was startled and became a little quiet.

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  1. Pretty sure an animal’s soul can’t replace a person’s. Wouldn’t it be obvious that something was done to her as she is a completely different creature after (doubt animal would replicate lost person’s personality)?

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  3. you know, imagining MRY with a squirrel or cat soul co-inhabiting her body, and seeing a physical change like animal ears and tail is actually pretty amusing. Especially if they become attached to the male lead, trying to get his attention.

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