EAA Chapter 424


Chapter 424 -Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 6

Luo Yin, Song Ran, and Fu Li were in a secret chamber as they waited impatiently. The door of the secret chamber was finally opened.

What first came into their sight was the wrinkle-filled face of Qi Rong. When they shifted their gazes to the side, they saw Lan Yue, who was in a blue-robe and had an elegant smile. Her eyes were as gentle as water with slight ripples in them.

When they saw the white-robed young girl that came in after them, Luo Yin was stunned. “Little girl, why are you here?”

What was this old granny Qi Rong up to again?


Mu Ru Yue shrugged. She was clueless as them as to what Lan Yue wanted to do this time, but it definitely wouldn’t be anything good…

“Senior, what are you planning?” Luo Yin frowned as he shot a dubious gaze toward Qi Rong.

Qi Rong smiled and introduced, “Everyone, I will like to introduce someone to you. The lady beside me is Lan Yue. Moreover, she has an outstanding innate talent. More importantly, she is the reincarnation of Senior Yue.”

Once she said that, the entire secret chamber became quiet.

Luo Yin had heard this before so he didn’t express anything. On the other hand, Song Ran and Fu Li just knew it so one of them was excited while the other was shocked.

“Dean, wha… what is going on?” Song Ran blinked his eyes in shock. If Lan Yue was Senior Yue, who was Mu Ru Yue?

Luo Yin chuckled bitterly. Lan Yue was clearly an imposter, but Qi Rong was too obstinate. He couldn’t make the obstinate Qi Rong change her mind with just words.

“Senior Qi Rong, is what you said the truth?” Fu Li stood up abruptly. Excitement was expressed on his face. “This lady is Senior Yue who was famous thousands of years ago? I… am I dreaming?”

‘I must be dreaming. Definitely…’

Fu Li pinched his face. The pain made him understand that this wasn’t a dream…

Instantly, his breath tightened as he started at the gentle water-like face.

“Of course it is true.” Qi Rong was really satisfied with Fu Li’s response. She smiled and continued, “But something went wrong with her mental powers due to her rebirth. It resulted in the loss of her innate talent in alchemy so she needs to consume a person’s soul to regain her powers…”

At that instant, everyone’s gazes shot to Mu Ru Yue.

Mu Ru Yue still hadn’t snap out from her shock. She returned back to her senses from feeling those gazes.

“Can I say something?”

“Say it.” Qi Rong was in a rare good mood so with a raise of her brows, she said that.

“Is the title of Senior Yue that nice to impersonate?” Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm, but the mockery in her voice was obvious.

Qi Rong’s expression darkened. “Little girl, Lan Yue is indeed Senior Yue. This has been tested. I know that you can’t believe this matter. Nobody will be able to believe that the peerless expert from a thousand years ago is standing before you after all. However, it is a fact that she is Senior Yue!”

Mu Ru Yue was a little taken aback.

Actually, she was still clueless as to what was happening. How did Lan Yue became Senior Yue? If that was the case, why was Zi Feng pestering her?

“Little girl, I am more willing to sacrifice you for Senior Yue, giving your soul to her.” Qi Rong chuckled. Her tone didn’t allow any disagreement.


Luo Yin slammed his fist on the table and stood up. He then shot a furious gaze toward Qi Rong. “Qi Rong, don’t be too much! No matter if Lan Yue is really Senior Yue or not, it is inexcusable to use other people’s soul to increase her powers! Moreover, Mu Ru Yue is the disciple of my academy. If this matter is to be spread, how can the academy continue to exist in the Central Region?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Miki!

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  2. How did Lan Yue proved to Qi Rong she’s Senior Yue that Qi Rong just accepted it as fact? I must have missed it. For a senior of the Dean, can she be easily tricked?

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      She had the heavenly dragon flame sword, has a tatoo like thing in her soul that only senior Yue should have that Lan Yue had faked it.

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