EAA Chapter 421


Chapter 421 -Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 3

That clone had been a part of her. She had to be impregnated and use the foetus to form that clone.

Thus, she used up her virginity and child for that clone, but it was killed! It had been akin to her child that she had raised only for it to be killed.

Lan Yue felt her heart brimming with anger. She said through gritted teeth, “Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen, I, Lan Yue, will definitely make you pay the price!”

Suddenly, a slim and vague figure appeared before her.


The girl’s appearance was hazy and couldn’t be seen. It was as though a layer of fog was covering it. Only the hair on her shoulders could be seen.

“Mas… master…” Lan Yue was startled as she looked apprehensively at the slim figure.

The woman’s voice was so strict that it could make a person feel a freezing chill run through them as she said, “Lan Yue, have you forgotten what I said? You are forbidden to do anything to him. Furthermore, you were delusional to try and stick a woman to him and even want to send that girl to his bed. Did you forget my first instruction?”

“But… but I need his innate energy…” Lan Yue quailed as she said timidly.


A slap landed on her face. Momentarily, a red handprint appeared. Lan Yue bit her lips and didn’t rebuke further.

“You cannot use his innate energy! You can use a baby instead to substitute. Even though the effect isn’t as great, it would still be enough for you to steal her soul. Remember that it must be a newborn baby. You must drain its blood while it is still alive. It is useless to use the blood of a dead baby, Thus, you mustn’t kill the baby and instead drain its blood while it lives. After draining the blood, you are to drink its blood. This will allow you to fuse her soul with yours.”

“A live baby?” Lan Yue looked astonished at the slim figure. She asked with a shaken voice, “Isn’t that too ruthless? It won’t be as ruthless as killing it cleanly. Must I really drain its blood while it is still alive…?”

Lan Yue’s hands were already stained with blood, but it was still too ruthless for her to drain the blood of a newborn baby alive.

“Have you forgotten what I said?” The girl sniggered. “You must use any means available to you to achieve your goal. It doesn’t matter even if you sacrifice several innocent people. Don’t mention a baby, so what if it were a hundred? If you want to make Feng Jing Tian regret and make Mu Ru Yue suffer, you must do as I say! Furthermore, why do you think Feng Jing Tian likes her? Isn’t it just her tyrannical innate power? If you devour her soul, you will inherit her mental power. When you have her power, how could Feng Jing Tian not kneel before you asking for your forgiveness?”

Lan Yue’s body shuddered. She gradually closed her eyes and visualised the scene of Feng Jing Tian kneeling willingly before her. She snapped opened her eyes abruptly.

“Master, I will do it!”

‘What Master said is right. You must use any means available to achieve your goal. So what if I kill a live baby? I am willing to do anything to make Feng Jing Tian regret!

‘Once I devour Mu Ru Yue’s soul, I will replace her and become Senior Yue!’

Thinking about that scene, Lan Yue couldn’t help but be stirred up. Of course, this would definitely still be a really long way to go…

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard outside the door. Lan Yue became alarmed and paled. When she shifted her gaze, she saw that the slim figure had already disappeared. She slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

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  1. So Lan Yue probably isn’t that one chick since she wants to kill Ye Wu Chen as well, but she still needs to be cut down like the rest of the women that we come across in this novel. >.>’

  2. JUST What kind of monster is she?!! I can’t believe she killed her own baby just what is this ?! Miki~~ when is she going to die?? Please help me subside my fire of hatred (\\(*^*)//) my scythe is on stand by … and i have two…

  3. You had sex with a random guy to get pregnant to sacrifice YOUR OWN CHILD while still in the womb just to fulfill your own crazy delusion as to why FJT like MRY…….WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT ANY MAN WOULD WANT YOU NOW????!!! Your not a virgin, you kill babies(which is enough to get you hated by man and woman alike), and literally just sacrificed your own child. I, I can’t even.

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