EAA Chapter 42


Chapter 42- I Will Only Marry Him

When Mu Qing, still furious, heard her words, he immediately rejected her. “You can’t. That man isn’t compatible with you. How can my daughter have a husband like him? It’s only fools like Mu Ru Yue that will go together with that man. But he is slightly better than the Ghost King, who has such an ugly ghost-like appearance that he made nobody willing to enter the Ghost King Manor.”

Even though Mu Qing was the head of the Mu family, excluding a few princes and royal members, nobody else had seen the legendary Ghost King. Since the royal family was filled with battlefields and schemes, naturally no one was will to eradicate those rumours.

As for the maids that served the Ghost King, they were scared senseless by the Ghost King, so how could they expose his real appearance?

“Why?” Mu Yi Xue puffed her cheeks and persistently said, “I don’t care. I want to marry him. How can Mu Ru Yue seize such a handsome man? She isn’t worth it.”


Mu Qing frowned as he was really helpless towards this daughter of his.

“Xue Er, that man doesn’t have the slightest energy undulation. If he isn’t a trash, then his power must be weak. Moreover, his mind didn’t seem normal. How can I allow you to wed a fool?”

Saying that, Mu Qing paused before continuing, “He’s a fool. The Ghost King is also a fool. Could there be a relationship between those two?”

“Father, it can’t be that you think he’s the Ghost King?” Mu Yi Xue pouted as she continued to say with disdain, “The Ghost King is extremely ugly, so how can that man be the Ghost King? Moreover, that man was innocent and not a fool. That handsome man definitely couldn’t be Mu Ru Yue’s fiance, the Ghost King. Father, I don’t care if he’s a trash or not. I really want to marry him. If you don’t agree, I’ll leave the house.”

After her first glance of that man, Mu Yi Xue had already decided not to marry anyone but him.

That man, with an appearance that could sweep anyone off their feet, can only be mine.

“Alright! Alright! Alright! Father will promise you, alright?” Mu Qing tenderly caressed her head as he smiled, saying, “Don’t worry. With father’s word, who would dare not marry you? That person’s energy undulation was too weak. He definitely wouldn’t be from an aristocratic family. Now, father will look for his parents and give them a couple of gold coins. They will probably personally give their son to my Mu family then.”

Mu Qing smiled confidently as a couple of gold coin was sufficient to cater a few years of living expenses for small families. Anyway, who could resist the temptation of having gold coins?

He didn’t have an inkling of a thought, however, that Ye Wu Chen was from the Royal family. Ye Wu Chen’s power was also way beyond his own, but it was just hidden. Thus, due to his opinionated words, he had consigned himself to eternal damnation.

“Thank you father.” Mu Yi Xue excitedly clung onto Mu Qing’s arm as she excitedly said, “Xue Er always knew that father is the best. I’ll go and accompany elder sister Ting Er now. She must be hurt.”

“Go then.” Mu Qing caressed Mu Yi Xue’s head as he said that with a smile. But after she left, his smile disappeared and was replaced with gloominess.

“Who was plotting against my Mu family?”

Thinking about the matter at the arena, flickers of light glimmered within Mu Qing’s eyes. “Can it be that Imperial Concubine Ya or some girls who were jealous of Ting Er?”

Even though he had suspected Mu Ru Yue initially, after thinking it through, he doubted she had that capability so he eliminated her name from his list of suspects. 1

“It should be people that are jealous of Ting Er. I must make a detailed investigation of this matter. If not, it will be a little difficult for Ting Er to marry the Crown Prince.”

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  1. omo! why didn’t this appeared in the NU in the newly released chapter?? good thing I reread this novel again…. 🙂 ,,,,or not, i don’t have a new chapter to read tomorrow when i wake up… T.T

  2. They all want Ro Yue fiance first the prince now the ghost king haha,,, fickle women,,, party party for MC,, Erasing the name in geneology so what they will regret it btw thanks for the chap,, always refresh every few hrs to know if theres update

  3. Sneaky release is very sneaky xD Thank you 00-Miki \o/ now it is official, every single Mu family member is a damn idiot….. I can’t wait to see how long it will take till the Mu family jumps completly into the toilet. Mu Yi is really a special kind of stupid xD Everything changed after the Ghostking revealed himself to the world. I really look forward to see how Mu Ru reacts to his true self 🙂

  4. – – so annoying that MYX , she saw him and thinks that bceause she wants te marry him it doesnt matter thet hè is engaged / married. U hate poeple that think they are allowed tot have everything niet matter what and are incosiderate of poeple ! ik hope she gets hulmiliated and dies a horrible Death with te rest of her family !

    1. She pretty much lost most of her little-sister-get-out-of-jail-free-cards when her reaction a few chapters back to MRY not being trash was “Shit! I can’t bully her anymore” So much for even a shred of family love for her sister being there under all the shit talk. Also, if the adopted girl is a genius and is only at the 3rd level after 9 years, what does she have to show? …not the prettiest (if even pretty), not the strongest, not the oldest, and definitely not the most mature, also a super brat. Please just sink with the Mu Titanic, plenty of room on board, thank you.

    2. Lets also not forget this all happened as everyone else was “fighting” each other. It’s literally “who care about your problems,” I want that husbando, NOW!

  5. That little vixen Yixue… I can’t wait to see her tiny little face get distorted when she finds out that the “Really handsome male” is the Ghost king..

    1. go complain to the author about it lol he might be happy to heard that english ppl read his novel or mad that they translate it on the net for everyone to read without him gaining a (wait what kind of currencie is in the author home country…) anyway a penny

      1. Mixed feeling, I guess, since like you said, wider audience read his novel but also gaining no money from it LOL

        This is Chinese novel, so Yuan maybe? I have no idea how they split the value / numbering though 😀

  6. When the chapter ends with side characters agreeing on some sh1tty plot .

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  7. Lol that father and daughter pair were just talking as if purchasing her a new toy (a.k.a. Boy-toy), just shows how much they value people – blood may be thicker than water but not gold hummm.
    The sooner that “father” markes off MRY from the genocology will probably be the first nice thing he did for her – and good riddence who would want to be tied to someone like that unless those with the same value.

    Well folks that was my rant, thanks for who ever took their time to read this;)

    Thanks for the suprised chapter, wasn’t expecting it. Hope to see another *wink, wink*

    Until next time:)

  8. chapter 43 (Teaser)-Master, I’m Homeless

    Inside the Pill Refining Room, Mu Ru Yue stared fixedly at Wu Yu. Her gaze gave Wu Yu goosebumps. He hastily rubbed his face as he asked, “Precious disciple, there’s no flower growing on your Master’s face so why are you staring at me? Even though I know I’m elegant, handsome, free and easy, and distinguished and accomplished, you don’t have to look at me like that.”

    Mu Ru Yue sized him up with a critical eye, but she couldn’t find any parts that were handsome or free and easy. ‘Why did she only see a benevolent elder?

    She withdrew her gaze. “Master, I’m homeless.”

    Wu Yu, who was gathering his medicines, stopped what he was doing after hearing that. He cast a curious gaze at her. “Homeless? What do you mean?”

    “That’s simple.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve been expelled from my family.”

    “Hmm?!” Wu Yu was startled and his eyes widened from the shock. He said, “Did that old man of the Mu family really eat the wrong medicine? Doesn’t he wish to keep a talent every powerful faction would want to steal? He chased you out of the house? Are you kidding me? That old man is an idiot and a fool, but that’s advantageous for me. Haha! In this case, I’ll be your sole family member.”

    1. Check 2 posts up for teaser (this way of posting the teaser is so sneaky, I like it). But, yes it’s a bit strange that the post that was there previously vanished again.

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