EAA Chapter 417


Chapter 417 – Forced Marriage Part 3

Mhm… A bit to the left. A little more to the left… Ye Wu Chen, where exactly are you touching?”

“My wife, didn’t you say to move further to the left?” Ye Wu Chen looked pitifully at Mu Ru Yue, as though he were feeling wronged. A trace of a peculiar light flashed in his purple eyes.

“You…” Mu Ru Yue’s body seemed to have been set ablaze from her fury. “I didn’t tell you to move so far to the left!”

‘This bastard must be doing it deliberately!!’


Watching as the noble and charming man expressed an apologetic smile to the white-robed girl, everyone couldn’t help but be stupefied.

No matter if it were the outside world or inside the Central Region, men were the ones who held greater authority over women. Men married wives and had them serve them. But why did it feel as though the role had changed today?

Dong Fei Ran’s expression became increasingly unpleasant as he watched the two being so lovey dovey, as though they were in their own world. It was obvious that they didn’t place any importance on the rest of them.

“Daddy, why is that aunty making elder brother massage her leg? Is it due to her being too old?” Dong Ling Er giggled adorably. With large, sparkling eyes overflowing with elation, she commented, “Ling Er is just fifteen and is still very young so she doesn’t need people to massage Ling Er.”

Once she said that, several dagger-like glares shot toward Dong Ling Er.

It was unknown who was it that chuckled in the crowd while commenting, “The eldest young mistress of the City Lord Manor is really pampered and naive. Your previous words make it as though anyone older than her can be considered a granny. What is so great about being fifteen? Eldest young mistress of the City Lord, those are not words that can attract people’s affection. I really don’t know if you are really being straightforward or if you are purposely saying it to mock others.”

There were several young ladies at the prime of their youth at this event. Dong Ling Er’s words seemed to generally mock all of them.

The girl by Ye Wu Chen’s side looked nineteen at most. Moreover, she looked incredibly youthful and beautiful. If she were old, then how were they?

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brow rose as she held onto Ye Wu Chen’s hand. She shook her head slightly and said, “She is just a kid. You don’t need to care about her.”

Ye Wu Chen gradually suppressed his killing intent as he heard his girl’s indifferent voice. Yet, a sinister light was still emitted from his purple eyes, lowering the temperature in his surrounding.

Mu Ru Yue tasted the tea before her as she spread her mental power outward, gradually covering the entire City Lord Manor.

Yet, she still couldn’t find that person.

Could it be that Lan Yue wasn’t here? Had she guessed wrongly?

But she didn’t relax her wariness. If there was someone at the back helping Lan Yue, then that person mustn’t be belittled…

“Mu Er, the tea in this City Lord Manor is rather good.” A trace of light flashed in Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes as he spoke in a casual tone.

Dong Fei Ran’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the two words ‘rather good’ while staring at Ye Wu Chen.

Had he found something out or did he just comment casually?

No matter what, he should already be under his control after he drank it…

“Wu Chen, what’s wrong?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her head toward Ye Wu Chen. She then asked caringly with her brows frowning after she saw his slightly pale face.

“I’m alright. It is just that I am a little light headed.” Ye Wu Chen shook his head. His charming purple eyes seemed a little dull, losing their original colour.

Seeing that the drug had a reaction, Dong Fei Ran was elated. He then said, “Haha! Mister Wu Chen, the tea of our City Lord manor is definitely good. It’s just that you hadn’t tasted such tea before. I’ve something to trouble mister. No matter if it is my daughter’s appearance or her personality, they are both outstanding. Thus, I plan to marry her to mister. I will choose an auspicious date for you two to marry.”

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