EAA Chapter 414


Chapter 414 – Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 6

More importantly, the man had an unusual pair of charming purple eyes that gave off a sinisterly cold aura, making people shudder even though it wasn’t cold.

“Mister Wu Chen, you have finally come.”

Dong Fei Ran was elated and hastily went forth to greet him.

‘Since Ye Wu Chen has come, does this mean he is interested in my daughter?’


He was jubilant in thinking about the possibility. He couldn’t wait for him to be his son-in-law…

But the man didn’t even look at him. He instead turned back toward the carriage and extended his hand to the girl within it.

A pair of jade hands was placed on the man’s hand. Her hands were as white as a scallion and was incredibly alluring. The girl’s skin was so white that the veins of her fingers was naked to the eye.

A white robe flashed in the night sky. The girl borrowed the strength of the man’s hand to leap out of the carriage. Her hair fluttered in the wind, brushing against her peerless appearance.

“Mu Er, be careful.”

The man raised his arm to embrace the girl. He then meticulously placed her down as though she was a treasure. His purple eyes brimmed with happiness and a rare gentleness dwelled in them. That pair of purple eyes seemed to only accept the girl in his embrace.

Dong Fei Ran’s expression darkened. In the end, he walked toward Ye Wu Chen as a flash of sinister light flickered in his eyes.

“Mister Wu Chen, I don’t know who this lady is…”

“My wife.”

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze focused on Mu Ru Yue. When he said those two words, a doting smile graced his handsome face. It was the type of smile that said he wanted to dote on her to her death. It led to a change of expression in several people at the scene. Similarly, some of the girls’ hearts shattered…

Dong Fei Ran chuckled and with glimmers dancing in his eyes, he continued, “Wu Chen, since you are here the banquet should start. I shall introduce my daughter to you. I’m not bragging, but my daughter’s talent and appearance are outstanding. She is also much more outstanding than the girl beside you. Once you see her, you will definitely…”

Ye Wu Chen raised his eyes and his purple eyes landed on Dong Fei Ran’s face. His purple eyes no longer had the gentleness from when he was looking at Mu Ru Yue as a sinister cold replaced it…

“No girl in the world is comparable to her. They don’t even qualify to be her shoes! As for your daughter…” Ye Wu Chen sniggered and commented heartlessly, “Even if she were naked, beggars wouldn’t be willing to look at her!”

One of Ye Wu Chen’s taboos was when people villified Mu Ru Yue.

This puny city lord dared to compare his daughter to Mu Ru Yue and even brazenly commented that Mu Ru Yue was inferior to his daughter. How could Ye Wu Chen stand that?

Dong Fei Ran’s expression changed. He initially wanted to exaggerate the truth and make Ye Wu Chen interested in his daughter.

Wasn’t any man’s first reaction when they heard there was a girl more outstanding than the woman by their side be to meet that girl?

He had met several men of such kind so he naturally grouped Ye Wu Chen with them…

Lan Yue looked coldly at Dong Fei Ran at the house’s roof beam. With a slight frown, she commented, “That idiot! He can’t even do such a simple job. The most important thing now is for Ye Wu Chen to consume that item before I can continue my plan. I didn’t expect him to screw it all up at the start. People said he became the city lord through connections. It seemed to be the truth. If not, how can he be so brainless to such an extent? He is hopeless!”

‘Dong Fei Ran is too anxious. I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing to pass this matter onto him…’

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