EAA Chapter 406


Chapter 406 – Feng Jing Tian’s Changes Part 6

For example; kidnapping, threatening, drugging, etc…

It would be very undesirable if those happened successfully.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened slightly. With a sinister cold aura from her eyes, she queried, “Who started it?”

“People are saying that it was Senior Qi Rong.” Song Ran glanced at Mu Ru Yue. “But I’m not sure about the credibility. If they used only a person’s name, the credibility increases after all. But with Senior Qi Rong’s personality, she definitely wouldn’t do such things. Even if she were bad-tempered and unreasonable, she would always oppose you fair and square and wouldn’t use underhanded moves…”


This was also what Song Ran didn’t understand.

‘If it wasn’t Senior Qi Rong, who is it? More importantly, Senior Qi Rong isn’t foolish enough to let people know her name if she passed the rumors.

‘If those rumors were fake, won’t the one in trouble be her? If she didn’t have the protection of the academy, she will definitely be a target to be assassinated.’

“Little girl, did your husband really consume natural essence?” Song Ran glanced at Ye Wu Chen as he asked anxiously.

Mu Ru Yue shook her head and replied, “I’m confident that he didn’t consume natural essence. If not, how could I not feel it…”

Song Ran had done ‘it’ before so he understood what Mu Ru Yue implied. His elderly face blushed subconsciously. He then coughed to hide his embarrassment, covering up the awkwardness on his face.

“Little girl, the main issue now is why those people want to set you up? What is their motive?”

Mu Ru Yue remained silent.

She similarly didn’t know who would make such rumors of them. Could it maybe be to separate them? If that’s the case, who would it be?

Nangong Zi Feng and Lin Ruo Ying had died. The Zang family didn’t have such ability. Who was the one that was eyeing them covetously in the dark?

This unease was the same feeling she felt when she first met Nangong Zi Feng. She could feel that her hidden opponent was powerful, it was more nerve-wrecking when they were in the dark…

A hand landed on her own. The warmth of the man’s hand made her body shudder as she lifted her head to meet with his purple eyes.

At that instant, her frantic heart mysteriously calmed down…

Ye Wu Chen gripped her hand and smirked charmingly. “Mu Er, do you still remember that phrase I had told you before? I am willing to warm only your bed in my life, so nothing will happen. You don’t need to be too worried about this. Even if anything happened, I will be by your side.”

‘Even if anything happened, I will be by your side…’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart was slightly moved. She indeed wasn’t cool-headed this time. She had never been in such an out-of-it state even when she had fought against numerous enemies. Her heart had been as calm as water even when she was faced with Zang Qing Xue’s humiliation…

“Wu Chen, we had experienced so many trials and hardships. How can I not trust you?” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze and when it landed on the man’s charming face, she smiled gently.

“I still remember the time where you couldn’t help but to leave my side due to your power rampaging occasionally. But didn’t we solve that? I believe it will be the same this time.”

Ye Wu Chen tidied her hair as though nobody was by his side. He then lifted his arms to embrace her. He tightly embraced the girl as a gentle ray of light swam around in his purple eyes.

“What is a husband? A husband is a bamboo that helps his wife support the heavens. Otherwise, what’s the use of a husband? Thus, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you. Even if I have to massacre the heavens and earth, causing a bloodbath to wash over the Central Region Academy, I definitely won’t let anyone hurt you…”

Editor Argos added this line:

Song Ran: Oy oy. Don’t start killing everyone in the academy. I’m a part of the academy too… Song Ran starts to sweat from fear


For example; kidnapping, threatening, drugging, etc…

It would be very undesirable if those happened successfully.

Mu Ru Yue’s expression darkened slightly. With a sinister cold aura from her eyes, she queried, “Who started it?”

Cold sweats started to form on Miki’s forehead as she whispered, “Not me~ whistles and looks away Ru Yue, stop looking so scary~~~ You are scaring Miki. Fiddles fingers before she suddenly stood up with her head held high Fine! It’s me~ So what? Are you gonna kill me? You will cease to exist if you do so. Pick a choice, let Miki do anything to make your life for better or worse or the other choice is to disappear for good with Miki. Hmph! ”  [Miki to readers: Teheh~]

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