EAA Chapter 405


Chapter 405 – Feng Jing Tian’s Changes Part 5

He carefully tugged on Mu Ru Yue’s sleeve. His expression was like he was a pitiful pet with puppy eyes. That expression made people unable to be mad at him…

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she asked, “Where were you wrong?”

“I shouldn’t randomly be jealous. I shouldn’t be jealous to even our son and other females. I more importantly shouldn’t meddle in wife’s relationships with people. My wife, I will go and buy a washboard now and kneel on it. Please don’t let me sleep alone… The night is so cold. I can help my wife warm her bed before she sleeps.”

“I am a fire elemental Martial practitioner. I never feel cold.”


“Then I can be my wife’s cushion so that you can press against me as you sleep…”

When Ye Wu Chen said that, it was with a dubious tone.

‘This fellow always teases me whenever he gets the chance…’

“Ye Wu Chen, I treat Zi Qian Jing as my younger brother. Secondly, Yao Yun Qing is a girl. She may even be our future sister-in-law.”

Ye Wu Chen’s brows rose as he smiled charmingly. “Yao Yun Qing indeed is compatible with Xiao Feng. Yet, how it will turn out will be up to them.”

What Wu Chen said is right. No matter what the outcome is, it will be decided by those two. I can only give them the chance…’

The Day Moon Domain where the Central Region Academy was located wasn’t the largest land on the continent, but it was like a kingdom to the world as there were many dragons and fishes mixed in it.

Yet, there was a rumor going around during this period of time…

The rumor stated that Ye Wu Chen from the Central Region Academy had consumed natural essence. If a woman were to obtain his yang energy, their cultivation would drastically increase. Nonetheless, this rumor was passed from the Central Region Academy. Some even said that it was Senior Qi Rong that personally said it.

No matter if it were the truth or not, how could they give up on such a good opportunity? Furthermore, Ye Wu Chen was not only handsome and charming, his cultivation was tyrannical. If they were to wed him, they would be as excited as a fish in water even if they weren’t able to increase their strength.

The entire Day Moon Domain became stirred up in an instant, especially those from large powers as they wanted a piece of this thick and juicy flesh.

What was natural essence?

The legend spoke of people that consumed natural essence. The result of doing so was that the consumer not only had his powers reach the peak, but that his wife that did dual cultivation with him similarly reached the peak. Their family clan would become the most tyrannical power in the world.

Such a temptation was enough to make people want to bet on it. They would try to marry any unwed girls to him. Even if it were just a one night stand, the effect brought with it wouldn’t be small. That kind of effect wouldn’t be able to be achieve in a decade…

At this moment, Song Ran looked anxious in the Alchemy Hall as he frequently cast a gaze at the entrance and paced back and forth.

Suddenly, he saw two figure that were happily chatting with each other. His eyes lit up and hastily went forth. “Little girl, you are finally out. I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time.”

When Mu Ru Yue saw his anxious expression, she asked with her brows raised, “Elder Song, why have you sought for us?”

“It is like this. Little girl, have you heard about the rumors lately?”

“What happened?”

Ye Wu Chen and her hadn’t gone out at all as they did closed door training so they naturally didn’t know anything…

Sigh.” Song Ran sighed heavily. “I don’t know when the rumor circulated outside. They said that your husband consumed something called natural essence. If one were to dual cultivate with him, their cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds. I don’t know how many girls have ulterior motives for him now. It would be fine if it were just large powers that directly requested for it as we could just reject them. I’m just scared that some would use underhanded moves…”

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