EAA Chapter 394


Chapter 394 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 2

Seeing Mu Ru Yue’s doubt, Xiao Bai Xuan chuckled helplessly. “So I said that everything that happened was due to jealousy. Even those fellows that appeared to be respectful to Xiao Yun were jealous of his powers. In the end, Xiao Yun was constantly being set up by others. They allied to pressure him and, lastly, chased him out of the family.”

Even if a young Xiantian Full Circle realm talent couldn’t continue to cultivate and stagnated in his cultivation, he wouldn’t be chased out of the family…

But how could those people that were jealous of him give up on such a chance? The previous genius talent had fallen due to those people that were jealous of him.

“Little girl, do you know what those people said after Xiao Yun left? They told the world that Xiao Yun’s power didn’t only stagnant but was slowly deteriorating. Thus, they wouldn’t be blamed by the world. This matter made even the Xiao family suspicious. I coincidentally heard those people discussing about this.” Xiao Bai Xuan then paused in what he said before continuing, “I even suspect that the one that set up Xiao Yun weren’t even the rivals of the Xiao family. It perhaps might be from those of the Xiao family.”


There were endless conflicts within a large family. People would use ruthless means to gain status, even if it were to set up a talent from the same family…

“You placed my eldest brother within the Xiao family. Don’t you fear they would make their move on him?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as her eyes focused on Xiao Bai Xuan’s elderly face.

She didn’t think this elder was of those loathsome elders after hearing what he said. He at least wasn’t the one that hurt her ancestor…

“Xiao Feng’s ability isn’t as weak as you think. Those old fellows are all in closed door training. If they don’t come out, then he won’t face any danger.”

If that weren’t the case, how could he let Xiao Feng stay in the Xiao family? Right now, nobody would be able to harm him, excluding those old fellows.

“Since Xiao Feng is in my Xiao family, little girl, shouldn’t you come back with me to reunite with him? That brat dispatched several men to look for you. He is going nuts searching for you.” Xiao Bai Xuan looked at her with an expectant gaze as he coaxed her.

If the little girl were to head back to the Xiao family, she might be able to pressure those stubborn fools.

Why didn’t they die after living for so long? They should give a chance to their descendants…

“Alright.” Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. “I will head back with you to meet eldest brother after a couple of days. But the prerequisite is that you aren’t lying to me.”

Xiao Bai Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He then glared at the dean to the side and said pitifully, “I dare to lie to you? If I lied, won’t this old man kill me?”

“It is good that you know that.” The dean rolled his eyes at him before he continued, “The little girl is a member of our Central Region Academy. If your Xiao family dares to have ill intent toward her, even though this old man can’t defeat those stubborn fools of your Xiao family, you should know the summoning power of our Central Region academy; especially those families that were helped by Senior Yue. They will make their descendants help the Central Region Academy unconditionally, once.”

Xiao Bai Xuan chuckled bitterly.

It was precisely what the old man said. He himself didn’t have the ability to eliminate all of those stubborn fools but if he wanted to annihilate the Xiao family, it was really simple. He just needed to say a statement and there would be several people willing to help him out. No matter how powerful the Xiao family was, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the might of several powers…

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  5. I do love how the Xiao family isn’t even really a threat to our girl here, because if they mess with her the Central Region Academy will stroll up to the door.

    Dean: “So I heard you messed with a disciple of our Central Region Academy!”

    Xiao Family: “Dean! We would never!”

    *Mu Ru Yue is revealed as said disciple*

    Xiao Family: “Curse whoever messed with her, and didn’t tell us that she was part of the Central Region Academy! Curse them!”

    *Obligatory face slapping by Mu Ru Yue as she handles her business personally.*

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    Xiao Family Head: “Now you are the heir to the entire Xiao family!”

    And so it shall be.

  6. Haha! After she “reunites” with those ghost followers she’ll go back to meet her bro~ Good times good times. Thanks for the chapter, and thanks for looking into the comment problem ><))

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