EAA Chapter 392


Chapter 392 – If You Don’t Court Death, You Won’t Die Part 3

Anyone that hadn’t experienced what it was like for a mistress to successfully barge into their relationship would never understand their hatred and anger toward mistresses.

“Right.” Yao Yun Qing gradually suppressed the anger in her heart as she looked toward Mu Ru Yue and said, “Yue Er, I will be leaving the academy for a period of time.”

Mu Ru Yue just walked off the martial arena and heard Yao Yun Qing say that. With her brows up, she asked, “You’re leaving?”

Hehe!” Yao Yun Qing scratched her head and smiled. “I just came here for fun, but from how I see it now it wasn’t anything special. Yue Er, I plan to go out for a while. If you want to find me, you can find me in the Empire of Feng Yun.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. “Qing Er, can you keep a lookout for someone for me when you are out?”


“Xiao Feng…”

Yao Yun Qing secretly remembered that name before she patted Mu Ru Yue’s shoulder, her face brimming with a smile. “Don’t worry. I will help you keep a lookout for Xiao Feng.”

She expressed reluctance in her eyes as she said this. To have met with someone from her homeland with such difficulty, she didn’t expect to suddenly part from her this quickly. But she had more important matters to attend to…

Once she completed those matter, she would return to reunite with her.

After giving a final look at Mu Ru Yue, Yao Yun Qing bit her lips as she still left without turning back in the end…

Seeing the other disappear, Mu Ru Yue withdrew her gaze and said, “Wu Chen, Jing Er, let’s head back.”

When she was about to turn around to leave, a voice was heard from behind her. “Little girl, what is your relationship to Xiao Yun?”

Mu Ru Yue’s steps halted the instant she heard that name before she turned her head to look at the oncoming old man.

The old man was together with the dean as he sized up Mu Ru Yue with a smile. He didn’t give off a sinister vibe. He just waited for her reply with smiles.

“Who are you?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she said indifferently.

Hehe! Little girl, I’m known as Xiao Bai Xuan. How about we change the venue and have a chat? That’s right, it suffices for just you to come. I’ve some matters to discuss with you.”

“Mu Er!” Ye Wu Chen tightened his hands around Mu Ru Yue’s arm. His sinisterly cold gaze shot toward Xiao Bai Xuan as he instantly released his aura.

“Wu Chen, don’t worry. I will be fine.”

Mu Ru Yue shook her head slightly as she patted Ye Wu Chen’s hand gently. She then looked toward Xiao Bai Xuan and said, “Guide me.”

Haha! Little girl, you are daring. Follow me now.”

Xiao Bai Xuan laughed heartily. He just watched a good scene for free, making him curious about this female descendant of Xiao Yun.

In the dean’s room, the breeze carried a light fragrance with it as the sunlight shone upon the two figures.

Mu Ru Yue looked at the two elders. They didn’t speak so she didn’t talk. Shortly after, it seemed that Xiao Bai Xian couldn’t withstand the atmosphere so he chuckled.

“Little girl, you haven’t replied to my question yet. What is your relationship with Senior Xiao Yun?”

With the word ‘senior’, Xiao Bai Yun expressed his admiration for him.

Following that, Mu Ru Yue remained emotionless as she said indifferently, “My ancestor.”

Xiao Bai Xuan still couldn’t help but be stirred up after what she said, even though he had already guessed it. “Haha! I didn’t expect Senior Xiao Yun to have two such outstanding descendants. It seems that you and that brat Xiao Feng are siblings, right?”

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  1. MRY should tell Yao Yun Qing about her most likely being partly responsible for the avalanche that lead to her death. Would be bad if she found out any other way, although I can’t imagine anyone but her knows in this world, and should be dealt with. But it is understandable to hide it until you build up a relationship of trust and such, but depending on the person, they would be offended of hiding it at all. Also, everyone was standing around for 30 min including MRY? Would have thought they would have left. Or maybe they used the time to chat and wait for it to end so that they can know what would become of someone who dislikes them? Who knows.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Miki!

    Oh look! It finally let me post after telling me for two days that I was posting to quickly, but in reality I hadn’t posted in over a day when I tried posting last time. XD

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      1. Yeah I actually wrote out an entire paragraph for Chapter 189, but in the end it refused to let me post it cause I was posting far to swiftly!

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