EAA Chapter 386


Chapter 386 -Who Is The Talent? Who Is The Trash? Part 2


A cold snort was suddenly heard.

That familiar voice made Lin Ruo Ying’s expression change drastically as she looked with horror at the handsome youth in his silver robe.

She would never forget the nightmares that youth brought her…


Zi Qian Jing glanced at Lin Ruo Ying’s pale face. With a cynical smirk, he mocked, “Don’t you see that the other party doesn’t care about you? But you still call him out so cordially with your thick face. Lin Ruo Ying, I think I should change your name to Lin Thick Face as you don’t deserve to be called Lin Ruo Ying!”

If it was in the past, how could Lin Ruo Ying endure such humiliation?

But now she couldn’t even bark back a word.

It wasn’t that she was unwilling to bother with Zi Qian Jing, but that she was afraid of him. She held a deep fear toward that youth so she didn’t dare to rebuke him…

Cough! Cough! Since the competitors are here, may the competition begin!” Song Ran cleared his throat and announced calmly with smiles in his eyes.

Fu Li looked coldly at him and commented, “This isn’t just a battle between them. It is between the Alchemy Hall and Martial Hall! So Ruo Ying will definitely win this fight.”

Song Ran pouted. With a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, he continued, “It isn’t certain who will win now. Fu Li, you shouldn’t say such words so early in order to avoid being a laughing stock after.”

Lin Ruo Ying was also a talent, but Mu Ru Yue was a possible candidate of being the reincarnation of Senior Yue. How could she lose to a person like Lin Ruo Ying…

The two figures within the Martial Hall looked at each other, their hair fluttering.

Lin Ruo Ying looked at the woman before her. She didn’t pretend at this moment. All of her hatred and anger exploded forth with a cold smile on her face.

“Mu Ru Yue, it doesn’t imply anything just because you know how to refine pills. Even though alchemists hold strength in this world, power is more important to me. I will let you know who is the talent and who is the trash!”

‘Who is the talent and who is the trash?’

When Mu Ru Yue heard the last phrase, she raised her icy gaze and with chillingly cold eyes, she said with a faint smile, “I also have that intention!”

There was a fine difference between being a talent and a trash!

A red light flashed in Lin Ruo Ying’s eyes.


She drew her sword. A sharp sword ray was shot toward Mu Ru Yue. Mu Ru Yue’s gaze contracted at that instant as she dodged to the side, avoiding the blow.


The sword ray landed on the ground. It made the planks of the martial arena fly, instantly sending sand and dust everywhere. Yet, Mu Ru Yue, who was standing in the dust, remained clean. Her expression showed an arrogance that disdained the world in her calm eyes.

She usually hid her arrogance and would never easily express it before others…

Mu Ru Yue raised her hand and a long sword appeared in her hand. With a gentle wave of the sword, a red light shot out from the sword…

“First Strike of the Raging Inferno Flames!”

The red light flashed and shot like lightning toward Lin Ruo Ying’s chest.

Lin Ruo Ying thought nothing of it and snorted. With a wave of her arm, her sword aura soared through the air.


When the two sword auras collided in mid air and made Mu Ru Yue retreat two steps back.

“Mid Rank Xiantian! That girl that seduced Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen is a Mid Rank Xiantian practitioner!”

“She is just around nineteen years of age. She has the qualification to be arrogant as a young Mid Rank Xiantian expert. It’s a pity as Elder Apprentice Sister Lin Ruo Ying is a High Rank Xiantian practitioner, the disparity between their strength isn’t small.”

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  4. Argh i can’t wait for the next release…everyone will soon know that MC has super high specs: beauty, intelligence, and monstrous talent in both alchemy and martial arts. For the majority of the population that naturally has one but not the other, too bad, they were born that way.

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