EAA Chapter 383


Chapter 383 -Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 7

How could she endure when someone tried to steal her man before her?

When Mu Ru Yue walked into the Dean’s manor, the old man coincidentally walked out of the room. He just walked two steps out when he saw the girl briskly walking toward him. At first he was stunned before he excitedly greeted her.

“Little girl, have you thought about if you wanted to go to the back mountain with me?”


Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she said with a light smile, “I remember you owe me a favour. If you help me accomplish a matter, I will follow you to the back mountain.”

Haha! Don’t worry. Don’t mention a matter, this old man will agree to even ten matters.”

It was just a playful joke. This girl could be the reincarnation of Senior Yue. How glorious would it be to have a connection with her?

“I want you to help me find a place.” With a slight contraction of her gaze and a flicker of light in her eyes, she stated, “The place is a secret room. That room contains a coffin that had been frozen for a thousand years. Moreover, the secret room is created using meteoric iron and red crystals.”

“Meteoric iron and red crystals?” The dean frowned and relaxed his brows soon after as he said, “Little girl, don’t you fret. I will help you investigate where these two items are being manufactured. I will inform you once I’ve news of it.”


Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly.

It was better to make use of the influence here to help look for the place where Nangong Zi Feng locked up the little boy rather than cluelessly searching throughout the Central Region…

Currently, a man was looking at the sky in a courtyard not far from the academy. When the breeze blew, his hair fluttered. A cold ray of light glowed from his carving-like face.

“It has been such a long time. I don’t know if brother-in-law found Yue Er yet.”

Xiao Feng’s black gaze gloomed with a peculiar emotion in his cold eyes.

“Mister, the Third master has requested your audience.”

Xiao Feng returned to his senses after hearing the report. He wordlessly turned around and headed to the anteroom.

A middle-aged man sat on a chair with a strict expression in the hall. He was holding a cup of tea that was still steaming. He looked at the oncoming man and with a cold, strict gaze, he said, “Xiao Feng, even though my father allowed you to return to the Xiao family, not everyone in the Xiao family will acknowledge you. Do you understand?”

Xiao Luo didn’t know what his father was thinking.

His father had gone out half a year ago and met this man coincidentally. Yet, with his father’s abilities, he could feel the bloodline of the other. With that, he saw that this man possessed the bloodline of the Xiao family with a glance.

Moreover, he didn’t what they chatted as his father treated this youth with familiarity at first sight. He was adamant in wanting to invite him back to the Xiao family.

Xiao Feng was the descendent of that trash that had being chased out of the Xiao family!

If the ancestors of the Xiao family at the back mountain knew about this, a commotion would arise. Those ancestors loathed trashes that came from a previous talent!

Xiao Feng’s gaze was cold as he looked emotionlessly at the man before him.

If it wasn’t to have the Xiao family help search for the location of his younger sister, he wouldn’t have agreed with that old man and come to the Xiao family. Yet, nothing was more important than to search for his younger sister…

“I, Xiao Feng, don’t need any of your acknowledgments!”

He lifted his head to look at Xiao Luo as he said that with a frosty gaze.

Xiao Luo’s expression changed as he smiled coldly and said, “Xiao Feng, I really don’t know what father sees in you, but I will still give you a warning. Your ancestor had long been chased out from the Xiao Family. You technically aren’t a person of the Xiao family. Father pitied you and allowed you to return to our Xiao family, but the head position of the Xiao family isn’t something you can desire. Don’t think that with father’s protection you are really a member of the Xiao family. Our family’s doorstep is high. You may trip and die if you aren’t careful!”

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